Day: July 22, 2019

With sincere repentance of heart!

  With Sincere Repentance of Heart! (c)Mary TV     July 22, 2019St. Mary Magdalene Dear Family of Mary! Today we remember and give thanks for St. Mary Magdalene! She was a great sinner who became a very great saint by encountering Jesus when she was most in need of His forgiveness and protection. St. Mary Magdalene loved much because she had been forgiven for so much. Her love for Jesus was deep and strong, allowing her to give witness to Him before Pharisees, Roman Soldiers, and jeering crowds, staying beneath the Cross through Jesus’ entire agony and death. Her love teaches us what love really is. May we learn from her how to fall completely in love with our Savior. Our Lady was St. Mary Magdalene’s teacher in this love, and she is now teaching us. Let’s listen to her words today: January 2, 2010 “Dear children, Today I am calling you to, with complete trust and love, set out with me because I desire to acquaint you with my Son. Do not be afraid, my children, I am here with you; I am next to you. I am showing you the way to forgive yourselves, to forgive others, and, with sincere repentance of heart, to kneel before the Father. Make everything die in you that hinders you from loving and saving, that you may be with Him and in Him. Decide for a new beginning, a beginning of sincere love of God Himself. Thank you.”   St. Mary Magdalene, please help us to live Our Lady’s words in this message, today and every day. Here is a beautiful litany in honor of St. Mary Magdalene: LITANY OF ST MARY MAGDALENE  Lord, have mercy on us.    Christ, have mercy on us.Lord, have mercy on us.  Christ, hear us.    Christ, graciously hear us. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Saint Mary Magdalen, pray for us. Sister of Martha and Lazarus, etc.Thou who did enter the Pharisee’s house to anoint the feet of Jesus,Who did wash His feet with your tears,Who did dry them with your hair,Who did cover them with kisses,Who was vindicated by Jesus before the proud Pharisee,Who from Jesus received the pardon of your sins,Who before darkness was restored to light,Mirror of penance,Disciple of Our Lord,Wounded with the love of Christ,Most dear to the Heart of Jesus,Constant woman,Last at the Cross of Jesus, first at His tomb, You who were the first to see Jesus risen,Whose forehead was sanctified by the touch of thy risen Master,Apostle of apostles,Who chose the “better part,”Who lived for many years in solitude being miraculously fed,Who was visited by angels seven times a day,Sweet advocate of sinners, Spouse of the King of Glory, V.  Saint Mary Magdalen, earnestly intercede for us with your Divine Master. R.  That we may share your happiness in Heaven. Let Us Pray May the glorious merits of blessed Mary Magdalen, we beseech Thee, O Lord, make our offerings acceptable to Thee, for Thine only-begotten Son chose graciously to accept the humble service she rendered.  We ask this through Him Who lives and reigns with Thee and the Holy Ghost, God forever and ever. R. Amen. May the prayers of blessed Mary Magdalen help us, O Lord, for it was in answer to them that Thou did call her brother Lazarus, four days after death, back from the grave to life, Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost, Unity in Trinity, world without end.  R. Amen. Prayer Source: Kyrie Eleison – Two Hundred Litanies by Benjamin Francis Musser O.F.M., The Magnificat Press, 1944   In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!Cathy Nolan(c) Mary TV 2019