Day: August 5, 2019

Happy Birthday, Dearest Mother Mary!

(c)Mary TV/Anthony ZubacOn August 3, 2019 Our Lady was processed throughout the Youth Festival, honored and loved by all!      August 5, 2019 Day 5 of the 30th Youth Festival in Medjugorje  The actual birthday of Our Lady, as revealed to the visionaries in 1984.   Dear Family of Mary,   The visionaries tell us that Our Lady told them that August 5 is her actual birth date. She told them that on August 5, 1984 it would be her 2000th birthday! She asked them to help her celebrate. But like a good mother, Our Lady didn’t ask for presents for herself. Instead she asked for fasting, prayer, and confession. She wanted the graces of her birthday to flow into the hearts of her children. Here is what she told Jelena Vasilj: To Jelena, after inquiring about August 5th, 1984, if they would be celebrating her two thousandth birthday:       “Throughout the centuries, I have given myself completely to you. Is it too much to give me three days? Do not work on those days. Take your rosaries and pray. Fasting has been forgotten during the last quarter of the century, within the Catholic Church.” And in preparation, she said to the visionaries:    “The priest who will hear confession will have great joy on that day.”   During these 3 days of fasting and continuous prayer the visionaries say the Blessed Virgin was very Joyful. Our Lady repeated:  “I am very happy; continue, continue! Continue to pray and to fast.” Then, on the day of her birthday we were told this:   Sunday, August 5, 1984The celebration of the second millennium of Mary’s birthday was preceded by three days of fasting and continuous prayer. Seventy priests heard confessions without rest; there were a great number of conversions.  And Our Lady said: “Never in my life have I cried with sorrow, as I have cried this evening with joy. Thank you!” Her joy seemed to have reached a peak Sunday, August 5th. Like a flower when it blooms, and full of joy, Our Lady said:   “Continue, continue, open your hearts, ask God and I will ask for you.”   It was reported that many conversions happened that day, and that people driving near Medjugorje were mysteriously drawn to the village, where they went to confession and had dramatic conversions. The priests were exhausted from hearing confessions!   Ever since that day, many have observed August 5 as a special day of prayer and celebration. Each year Marija Pavlovic and her family and friends pray and fast, and prepare to greet Our Lady with joy.  Here is what Marija said on August 5, 2014:   Today is a special day. Today is the feast of Our Lady’s birthday. Our Lady always comes in a golden dress, because it is her feast! And we are preparing many flowers, roses! And we are praying a novena, and we are offering tonight for some hours, all our little sacrifices to Our Lady, flowers, fasting, praying our novena!   In a special way today (August 5) Our Lady always comes with big joy! She asks us to be her extended hands for everyone who does not believe and who does not pray. So in a special way I call all of you to be in union with us in prayer. I will pray for all of you, for all your intentions, for all that is in your heart, and in a special way for all the sick people, all non-believers, all the elderly and all who do not have the possibility to come to Medjugorje. So you will all be in my prayer, and I call all of you to be in union with us, with Our Lady tonight! God bless you all!   I am sure that Marija is continuing this tradition this year as well. We can all join her in making little sacrifices and praying today in a special way for Our Lady’s intentions. Who knows, we may all see some dramatic conversions today. The Father cannot refuse Mary on her birthday! He will grant all her requests, ours included!   Happy Birthday, dearest Mother Mary! We love you intensely!   In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2019   PS. This is the last full day of the 30th Annual Youth Festival. It has been extraordinary!! Our team has worked very hard to bring the events to us – live – every day! They topped off a long day yesterday by streaming the Cenacolo play which followed the theme “Follow Me”!! It was amazing, and can be viewed on our homepage at this link:   Here is the schedule for this day of the Festival:   Monday, August 5th, 2019.09.00 Prayer, Catechesis, Testimonies12.00 The AngelusRecess16.00 Testimonies18.00 Rosary19.00 Holy Mass20.30 – 21.30 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament21.30 – 22.00 MISSIONSinging farewell