Day: December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019 Reflection -Christmas Novena, Day Six – Conversion

  A Pilgrim leans on the Risen Christ Statue in prayer! (c) Anthony Zubac          December 20, 2019Christmas Novena Day 6 – Conversion Dear Family of Mary! Even on Christmas Day Our Lady spoke about conversion. Every day, it seems, is a day to convert. As the Psalmist says: “O that today you would hearken to his voice! Harden not your hearts” (Ps 95:7-8)! God speaks to us every day, calling us to turn to Him, to follow Him, to listen to Him, to love Him. O, that on this day and every day, may we listen and turn, which is to convert. Even on Christmas Day, and maybe especially on Christmas Day, we are called to conversion, because we are shown our Savior, come as a little child, to lead us in our turning back to God! Our Lady has told us: December 25, 2002 “Dear children! This is a time of great graces, but also a time of great trials for all those who desire to follow the way of peace. Because of that, little children, again I call you to pray, pray, pray, not with words but with the heart. Live my messages and be converted. Be conscious of this gift that God has permitted me to be with you, especially today when in my arms I have little Jesus – the King of Peace. I desire to give you peace, and that you carry it in your hearts and give it to others until God’s peace begins to rule the world. Thank you for having responded to my call.” Our Mother has been sent by God to us in this time, to give us peace, and to help us convert and find our way to God. She has come amidst great turmoil on the earth. Never has godlessness been so prevalent. Never have so many suffered so much at the hands of evil. Into this turmoil, the Queen of Peace is descending, bringing the King of Peace in her arms. She has come to help us live every day in conversion of heart and great prayer. This is a time of great stress, but of even greater grace. May we use every moment to convert, to turn to God. We may in fact turn the tide as well, and bring a time of peace as Our Lady wishes and desires. Let us pray:   May the Virgin Mary help us to open the doors of our hearts to Christ, Redeemer of man and of history; may she teach us to be humble, because God looks upon the lowly; may she enable us to grow in understanding the value of prayer, of inner silence, of listening to God’s Word; may she spur us to seek God’s will deeply and sincerely, even when this upsets our plans; may she encourage us while we wait for the Lord, sharing our time and energies with those in need. Mother of God, Virgin of expectation, grant that the God-who-comes will find us ready to receive the abundance of his mercy. May Mary Most Holy, “Woman of the Eucharist” and Virgin of Advent, prepare us all to joyfully welcome Christ’s coming and to celebrate worthily his sacramental presence in the mystery of the Eucharist. -St. John Paul II   In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!Cathy Nolan©Mary TV 2019