Day: December 19, 2020

The December 19, 2020, Reflection – Little children, work on yourselves!

Little children, work on yourselves! December 19, 2020 Christmas Novena, Day 5 Dear Family of Mary! “…Therefore, little children, work on yourselves…” (November 25, 2020) Our Lady is always practical.  She is a mother. She knows that the only sphere of influence we have is our “self”.  Everything depends on the state of our own soul.  And that is our responsibility.  On Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent in the Office of Readings for the Liturgy of the Hours, the second reading hit it on the head for me!  Just how to work on myself!! If we want to make our hearts into homes for Jesus, we must work on them, and this advice is very good: From the Imitation of Christ (Thomas A Kempis) (Lib II, cap, 2-3) On humility and peace Do not care much who is with you and who is against you; but make it your greatest care that God is with you in everything you do. Have a good conscience, and God will defend you securely; no one can hurt you if God wishes to help you. If you know how to suffer in silence, you will surely receive God’s help. Since he knows best the time and the way to set you free, resign yourself to him, for God helps you and frees you from all confusion. It is often good for us, and helps us to remain humble, if others know our weaknesses and confront us with them. When a man humbles himself for his faults, he more easily pleases others and mollifies those he has angered. God protects and frees a humble man; he loves and consoles a humble man; he favors a humble man; he showers him with graces; then, after his suffering, God raises him up to glory. He reveals his secrets to a humble man and in his kindness invitingly draws that man to himself. When a humble man is brought to confusion, he experiences peace, because he stands firm in God and not in this world. Do not think that you have made any progress unless you feel that you are the lowest of all men. Above all things, keep peace within yourself, then you will be able to create peace, among others. It is better to be peaceful than learned. The passionate man often thinks evil of a good man and easily believes the worst; a good and peaceful man turns all things to good. A man who lives at peace suspects no one. But a man who is tense and agitated by evil is troubled with all kinds of suspicions; he is never at peace with himself, nor does he permit others to be at peace. He often speaks when he should be silent, and he fails to say what would be truly useful. He is well aware of the obligations of others but neglects his own. So be zealous first of all with yourself, and then you will be more justified in expressing zeal for your neighbor. You are good at excusing and justifying your own deeds, and yet you will not listen to the excuses of others. It would be more just to accuse yourself and excuse your neighbor. If you wish others to put up with you, first put up with them. Let us pray: Dearest Baby Jesus.  I love You.  I can’t take our eyes off of You.  I long for You.  And I pray to You, please come and be born in my heart today.  And I say to You: I give you permission to be born in my heart right now, today.  I give you permission to use my poor stable of a heart as your birthplace.  I open the doors of my stable/heart, and I say to You, come!  Come with Your Mother, Mary, and with Your foster father, Joseph, and find in my heart, a place to rest and be born.  I welcome You with wonder and awe.  And I love You with all of my strength.  Come and take over my stable of a heart.  It is Yours forever.  Amen. In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2020