Day: February 10, 2021

February 10, 2021 Reflection – I bless you with my motherly blessing!

  I bless you with my motherly blessing! February 10, 2021 St. Scholastica Dear Family of Mary! Here is the second half of Fr. Slavko Barbaric’s Meditation on the June 25, 1998 message: “Dear children, today I desire to thank you for living my messages.  I bless you all with my Motherly blessing and I bring you all before my Son Jesus.  Thank you for having responded to my call.” I bless all of you with my motherly blessing. Mary gives us her motherly blessing.  What does that mean?  That means that she devotes all of her time to us and that it is not just a question of a formula, like, “May God bless you!” (which is also important), but that she’s present with us, she prays for us, she intercedes for us, and also that, as she says in this message, “I bring you all before God.”  Mary is mediatrix, consoler, she is committed to us, she accompanies us on our pilgrimage on earth.  That is her motherly blessing, her entire demeanor towards us.  She says also that she holds us in her motherly heart and protects us under her motherly mantle. She told us once that we can give others her blessing.  However, we must understand that we have to offer it to our families and to all people, not as a formula, but as a sign of a new attitude towards others and towards God.  Blessing derives from the Latin word, benedicere, that is to say speak well of, defend, don’t judge, be present for people: that is what blessing means. It is good, I hope, to emphasize that one must be careful not to slide into magical or superstitious behavior regarding blessed objects.  Magic means to have a formula with which man puts God under his power.  Black magic is when man, having a formula, puts evil spirits under his power.  One talks of white magic when man attempts to put God under his power through a formula of prayer or through a blessed object.  Blessed objects, Mary’s blessing and a general blessing are surely a protection for us, but more than that they are an invitation to pay attention to our behavior.  The blessing must also call us to do good and to defeat evil in order to change our lives.  Certainly, there is a danger that some people look for a blessing formula or blessed objects in order to be protected and yet, can still continue to do evil, to behave negatively, to remain in sin.  The motherly blessing of Mary is a great protection, but it’s also an even bigger call to try and behave worthily as her children. Mary, at the end of her message said, “I bring you all before my Son Jesus.” This situation means that we must truly rejoice.  We are not all alone.  Mary knows us, loves us, and brings us to Jesus.  What does she say when she brings us to Him?  She certainly speaks for us, prays for us, she also brings our problems, our doubts, our sicknesses, our requests to Jesus.  That should encourage us to let ourselves be carried by Mary, not to put up any resistance, not to remain disobedient, to follow the path with her and then to lead other people to Jesus, alongside her, through prayer.  Let us hope that Mary, with her messages, her presence, and the offering that she makes from us to her Son, will help us all to come to a new world.  That is truly our hope, because did she not say in another message, “Without you I can do nothing.  You are very important for me.”  Her presence, her words, and her prayers have greatly helped people to change their behavior, and we want to pray again for that: Lord, we thank You for continuing to send Mary to us.  We thank You for your love.  For each word that You say to us through her.  We pray to You: bless us so that our heart is open to her motherly love, so that our families, our parents, and children, our young and our old, the healthy and the sick, rich, and poor, are blessed.  And so that through this blessing, our families, our communities, the Church, and the whole world fight against sin in our life and in the life of others. Oh God, in the name of Your son Jesus and with Mary, we pray to you: bless the visionaries and all those who have become witnesses of peace in this time.  We pray to You: give strength to those who are tired on the path taken with Mary, who in this time do not have hope nor joy and to those who have lost the meaning of life.  In particular, we carry, in the name of Jesus and with Mary, all the wounded relationships in our families, in the Church and the world, from which are born conflicts and wars, so that You heal everything and that we have with Mary, our Mother, the Queen of Peace who is already here on earth, peace, in order to arrive one day at the Eternal Peace. Through Chris, our Lord.  Amen In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2021 PS. NEWS ABOUT OUR FIRESTICK APP!!  We have a new version of the Amazon Firestick App up and running. It’s now compatible with more Amazon Firestick devices. It’s still the main Channel only. Here is the link to the new app: