Day: March 6, 2021

March 6, 2021 Update – Stay by Our Lady’s side!

  Stay by Our Lady’s side! March 6, 2021 Dear Family of Mary TV, Apostles of Our Lady of Medjugorje, In preparation for St. Joseph’s Feast Day I’d like to share an excerpt from our Rosary last Sunday, March 1st. Cathy and I were praying with our shipmates, sailing upon the digital sea. Starting at 29:15 Denis: “Mary is not just visiting us, she’s staying with us.” Cathy: “Well, I have something to say about that. Because it’s not just her, deciding to stay with us. She said in the last message, February 25, 2021: ‘Dear children! God has permitted me to be with you also today.’ It sounds like it’s almost a day by day process with the Lord. ‘OK, you can go back today. OK. You can go back today.’ Denis: “’You can stay!’ She doesn’t leave!” Cathy: “Well, listen. I was thinking about that at Mass yesterday, that the Lord has permitted her to be with us also today. OK. And I was thinking about this message too. It’s full of hope! And of light. And of life. Everything she says points to hope. Actually it took me by surprise because if I were left to my own devices I would be thinking only about sad, negative, difficult, end times kind of things and it’s not such a nice world that we see that way. But it occurred to me after reading that message that she brings heavenly light to our situation. It’s like all the colors and the life come back when I look through her. But when we think with our own minds and with our own wisdom it’s all black and white and very sad. The life is kind of sapped out of it, because from our perspective we can’t see what God is doing, we can only see what we think is going on and it doesn’t look so good. But God knows what he’s doing. “So anyway, the fact that the first thing she said was, ‘God has permitted me to be with you also today,’  it kind of stirred up in me this wonder at the fact that she is, and we can’t take it for granted. So, when I left Mass Sunday, yesterday, we had heard the Transfiguration account, so I was thinking about Moses. I just thought, “What if we had Moses with us. Wouldn’t that be cool. We need some kind of leadership.” So I just said this prayer. I begged Moses. I said, “Come to our aid. In these days we need you!” I said this to Moses, and I’ve never prayed to Moses before (it was kind of odd) but as soon as I prayed that way I heard these words in my heart …. “You do not need me. Indeed you have someone far greater – of far greater holiness and power with you in these days. She is all you need!” And then Cathy continued: “It was like Bang! You don’t need me! You have someone much more powerful with you every day. She’s all you need. Our Lady! And this gives me such hope….” Our Lady has been sent to us in these days because she is the only one who can defeat the enemy. She was given that promise by God in Genesis 3: 16. She will defeat the devil and his plan, but she needs her children by her side. Our Lady has told us from Medjugorje:  “God has placed His complete trust in me,” (August 31, 1982).  “My children, consecrate yourselves to me completely,“ (March 18, 2012). This is how we will stay by her side, and help her. This is what we want to do! To give ourselves to her completely. But we need help. And she told us as much when she said to us: Invoke the help of all the saints, for them to be an example and a help to you. (October 25, 2020) There is no saint who can be a better example or help to us right now than St. Joseph!   St. Joseph had no agenda of his own but faithfully stayed by Mary’s side. We are called to help her in this all important mission that God has given her. So let us pray to St. Joseph as we approach his feast day: Dear St. Joseph, you were always strong and resolute – in Bethlehem, in Egypt, and in Nazareth. You stayed faithful to Our Lady, never leaving her side. Help us to be strong and resolute now that it’s our turn to stay by her side as she gives her Son anew. Our Mother is calling to us: “I need you. I cannot do without you my children,” (January 2, 2013); “I am calling you because I need you. Accept the mission!” (September 2, 2012); “With you, I can realize my plans,” (June 25, 2016). St Joseph, help us fulfill our mission! Help us respond to her call! God bless you, Denis Nolan