Day: July 16, 2021

July 16, 2021 Update from Denis – The 40th Anniversary

July 16, 2021 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Dear Family of Mary TV, Apostles of Our Lady of Medjugorje! Never before had Cathy or I ever seen so many people in Medjugorje ­(even without the Italians and Irish – whose governments had issued travel lock downs). Plane load after plane load came pouring in from all over the world; hundreds of buses – fifty buses from Poland, thirty buses from the Ukraine. Thousands of pilgrims arrived on foot. I was told that the night before the 40th Anniversary, five thousand came walking in through the surrounding hills. All night long, you could hear hymns being sung to Our Lady from homes and guest houses.  Three days before the Anniversary, the University Chaplain at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Fr. Shawn Roberson, decided to climb up Apparition Hill. He showed me the picture. Arriving at the base of the trail, he found so many people gathered there, intent on doing the same; climbing was impossible! And it was 10:00 pm ! Eighteen years ago, our Mother encouraged us to pray with the heart, “because God loves His creatures.  He desires to save you, one by one, through my coming here.”  One by one, her children had come to say, “Thank You.” It was personal. The reverence was tangible, profound. You could feel it in the prayer. Her children had welcomed her, made room for her; set aside their own agendas and had given her space. Our Lady was very joyful; very, very grateful! “Dear children! My heart is joyful because through these years I see your love and openness to my call! Today I am calling all of you:  pray with me for peace and freedom, because Satan is strong and by his deception, wants to lead away all the more hearts from my motherly heart.  That is why decide for God so that it may be good for you on the earth which God gave you.  Thank you for having responded to my call.” (June 25, 2021) A Mary TV shipmate writes: “The wedding feast at Cana is really like Medjugorje. Mary knew we were running out of wine and if she didn’t do something we’d be in big trouble. And ‘the couple’ is humanity.  ‘The wine steward’ is the church hierarchy. We, Mary’s children in Medjugorje, having been filling the water jars with all our prayers and sacrifices and sufferings, and I believe the time will come soon that all that wine will be given to the church, and all those who doubted Medjugorje or slandered it will know that the world was saved because of Mary and Medjugorje!!” On June 25, 2021, Our Lady crossed the Rubicon. She’s going in now for the kill against the devil! It’s for us to place our footprint right inside of hers! God bless you! Denis Nolan P.S We’ve been told many people during the week of the  40th Anniversary witnessed the miracle of the sun, see below. (I’m afraid Cathy and I were so far back under the trees during Mass, we missed it.) Continue soaking up the grace of this historic day at, a day the devil was sure would never come:  the 40th Anniversary of our Mother’s apparitions! It was your response to her call that gave her this gift! And it’s through her children that it will continue! In her first monthly message she told us, “God has chosen each one of you in order to use you for the great plan of salvation of mankind. You cannot comprehend how great your role is in God’s plan… I am with you so that you can realize it completely!”  Twenty seven years later she said: “You are a part of me!” and on September 25, 2019: “Day by day God wraps you with my presence!” You are the living scapular of Our Lady being given to the world!  

July 16, 2021 Reflection – Pray with me for peace and freedom…

Pray with me for peace and freedom.. July 16, 2021 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Dear Family of Mary! “Today I am calling all of you: pray with me for peace and freedom, because Satan is strong and by his deception, wants to lead away all the more hearts from my motherly heart.” (06/25/21) It has occurred to me that Our Lady wants us to pray with her for peace and freedom, because we will not be safe without her. Our prayers alone are not enough. We need Our Lady to defend us from Satan at this time, more than ever. We need to stand with her, very near to her, as she defeats him. And I then thought about the Rosary, and in particular the Hail Mary, and how very powerful this prayer is against Satan. It is indeed a deliverance prayer, a spiritual warfare prayer. This will make you laugh! I did a google search to see if anyone had written about the Rosary or the Hail Mary as a spiritual warfare prayer, and guess what…included in the articles was one of my reflections, from three years ago! When I read it, I was amazed. I said exactly what I wanted to say today. So I share it with you all now! Our Lady has given us the weapon for battle, the Rosary! (September 4, 2018 reflection) “…My children, all the more the shadows of darkness and deception are being cast over you, and I am calling you to the light and truth – I am calling you to my Son…” (September 2, 2018) The more I read over the September 2nd message, the more I feel the importance of the sentence above. Our Lady tells us that darkness and deception are being cast over us. (The current affairs in the Church are witness to this truth.) It is as if darkness and deception are a cloak that is being thrown over us, to capture us. I believe that the word “cast” is important. Those who do evil “cast” spells. They “cast” evil hexes and spells over their victims to harm them. I believe that is exactly what is going on. The enemy is working to cast darkness and deception over the world, over each of us, in order to harm us and hobble us. We see the fruit of such casting all around us. (I want to add, we do see the deception and evil even better three years later, don’t we. It is as if the world has been covered with darkness) Our Lady tells us that she is calling us to the light and truth, to her Son! She is standing against these castings, and offering us the truth and light of Jesus. And I sense that she has given us the means to answering that call, through the Rosary. It has occurred to me that the prayers of the Rosary are spiritual warfare prayers. They are not just nice platitudes or holy gestures, but in fact they are powerful weapons against the castings of the enemy. Think about it. The Sign of the Cross places us directly in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, by means of their name. We are in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit. Powerful place to put our souls! Safe from all evil!! Then the Creed! We pray that powerful statement of truth at the very beginning of the Rosary. It is brimming with light. It is packed with the truth, from start to finish. I am sure each phrase of the Creed smacks the head of the enemy with a terrible blow! This is spiritual warfare. Then we pray the “Our Father”! “Our Father, who art in heaven.” We place ourselves in the family of God, with the Father as our head. We recognize that He is in heaven, that there is a heaven, and it is our home. This is light and hope for us each time we say it, light and hope that stops the enemy’s lies. “Hallowed be thy name.” How many times is God’s name taken in vain by our enemies. They hate God. But we bless Him. We give all honor and glory to Him. He is our Lord and Father. “Thy Kingdom come…” The enemy of our souls is trying desperately to create his anti-kingdom. But we say, over and over, “Thy Kingdom come.” We choose God’s Kingdom, and deny the enemy any room in our lives. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The enemy believes he can lure us away from God’s will. He tries to do this with clever plots and temptations. But over and over, we beg God to help us to choose His will in everything. This is spiritual warfare. Just these few phrases of the Our Father are enough to blow the enemy out of the water. They align us with the truth, and deny the enemy any ground in our lives. The remainder of the Our Father is exactly how we can live each day in the will of God, so simply designed to keep us in the Father’s will. “Give us this day our daily bread.” If we are content with today, the temptations of the enemy will have no effect on us. “And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” When we live forgiveness, we close the opening to our soul through which the enemy’s lies can enter. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others is a powerful protection from evil. “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” These words unmask our enemy, for he would lead us into temptation and bring evil upon us. But we ask God to keep us out of the enemy’s reach. Then we pray the “Hail Mary” and this is the great prayer for us in the battle. Why? Because it is given to Mary to crush the head of satan, and he knows it. This prayer places us directly in her heart where we are safe from the enemy’s lies and spells and hexes and curses. Our Lady is the Ark that protects us from all evil. Saying the Hail Mary over and over protects us from the deception and darkness. She is like Galadriel’s vial in “The Lord of the Rings”, which burns with brilliant light in the darkness. “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.” We acknowledge Our Lady as the bearer of the Lord,who defeated Satan through the Cross. The powerful presence of the Lord with Mary gives us a place of safety! We place ourselves with her and in her, which is a place out of danger! “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” Blessed! Mary is blessed! She was chosen to from all women to be the Mother of Jesus. And she shares her blessedness with us, in her Son. We enter into the blessedness of God through Mary. “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” This petition is a deliverance prayer. We ask Mary to pray for us, to intercede to the Father for our salvation, now and at the hour of our death. The enemy can do nothing when we are in the hands of Mary. Finally, the Glory Be is the exclamation point – we give glory to our God – Three Persons! Again, a protection and a sign to the enemy that we belong to God. I am not able to do justice to this idea, but I do believe that the Rosary is a spiritual warfare prayer that cannot be beaten. With the Rosary, we beat back the enemy’s lies, darkness and evil castings. We keep the light of Christ burning in our hearts and spread it to others. Our Lady told us: August 8, 1985 “Dear children! Today I call you especially now to advance against satan by means of prayer. Satan wants to work still more now that you know he is at work. Dear children, put on the armor for battle and with the Rosary in your hand defeat him! Thank you for having responded to my call.” And she also said this: February 25, 1988 “Dear children! Today again I am calling you to prayer of complete surrender to God. You know that I love you and am coming here out of love so I could show you the path to peace and salvation for your souls. I want you to obey me and not permit Satan to seduce you. Dear children, Satan is very strong and, therefore, I ask you to dedicate your prayers to me so that those who are under his influence can be saved. Give witness by your life. Sacrifice your lives for the salvation of the world. I am with you, and I am grateful to you, but in heaven you shall receive the Father’s reward which He has promised to you. Therefore, dear children, do not be afraid. If you pray, Satan cannot injure you even a little bit because you are God’s children and He is watching over you. Pray and let the rosary always be in your hand as a sign to Satan that you belong to me. Thank you for having responded to my call.” We have a warrior Mother, and she has given us the weapon with which we can defeat our enemy. It is the Rosary. It is spiritual warfare. Pray each word of your Rosary with the heart, and watch as God delivers us, our families, our countries and our Church from Satan. The Lord will be victorious!! In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Cathy Nolan (c)Mary TV 2021