Day: August 26, 2021

August 27, 2021 Reflection – With Joy!

“With Joy I am calling all of You!” August 27, 2021 Dear Family of Mary! Here again is the August 25, 2021 Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace: “Dear children! With joy I am calling all of you, little children, who have responded to my call: be joy and peace. Witness with your lives Heaven, which I am bringing to you. It is time, little children, that you be a reflection of my love for all those who do not love and whose hearts hatred has conquered. Do not forget: I am with you and intercede for all of you before my Son Jesus, that He may give you His peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (August 25, 2021) Our Mother greeted us in her message in a way that surprised me: “Dear children! With joy I am calling all of you, little children, who have responded to my call: be joy and peace..” As these difficult days continue, the word “joy” seems to be less and less part of our vocabulary. And yet, Our Lady’s words to us are pure joy!! She calls us with joy in her heart! She calls us with the kind of love that turns into joy when you see the beloved! She loves us and so when she speaks to us, joy bubbles up from deep in her heart! The joy of seeing her beloved children! On the other hand, it can be hard for us to “be joy” in these days. And so I thought we might pray this litany of joy in which we acknowledge the things that diminish our joy, and pray to Jesus for the things that will build up our joy. LITANY OF JOY From my need to be in control… deliver me, Jesus. From the distorted view of what will make me happy… From disappointment and discouragement in the weakness of others… From disappointment and discouragement in my own weakness… From letting the evil one control my reactions throughout my day… From the lie that You are far from me… From the moments when I place my identity in someone or something else… From my fear of discomfort and suffering… From the lie that I am not enough… From the lie that You are not enough and cannot fulfill the longings of my heart… In the times I am feeling the weight of the Cross… Jesus, come be my joy. In times of confusion… When I am afraid… In the times I feel overwhelmed… In the times when I feel Your peace… In times of friendship and community… In times of misunderstanding and hurt… When I am jealous… When I am angry… When I want to give up… When I am fighting temptation… In times of planning and work… In times when I am tired… In times of doubt… When I cannot see the future ahead of me… At all times, seasons, and moments in my life… Amen. (Written by Colleen Collette – In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2021