Day: September 3, 2021

September 3, 2021 Reflection – Heaven, which I am bringing to you!

Witness with your lives Heaven, which I am bringing to you.   September 3, 2021 Dear Family of Mary! “…Witness with your lives Heaven, which I am bringing to you…” (August 25, 2021) It occurred to me that Our Lady was not just saying some nice thing in this sentence of her message. You know how we can gloss over things she says some times, because we really don’t understand them. She speaks to us from her Heavenly perspective, and so her words are charged with supernatural meaning, that we just don’t see. So when Our Lady says she is bringing Heaven to us, it can sound like a nice thought, or even a cliche! But I realized as I prayed with this message, that she is not speaking in some kind of allegorical way. She really is bringing Heaven to us! She comes from Heaven, where she lives, body and soul. And so when she comes, she comes as a heavenly human being, one that has been transformed at her Assumption into an immortal and perfect human being! She is part of Heaven and so her coming brings Heaven. And by her coming, Our Lady has brought with her the atmosphere of Heaven for all those who seek her in Medjugorje. We have all heard it from countless pilgrims and said it ourselves: Oh there is so much peace in Medjugorje. You feel it as soon as you arrive! Peace covers you like a soft blanket, and you calm right down. That peace is the Heaven Our Lady has brought. Pilgrims also say that they can pray so much easier in Medjugorje. Haven’t we all said it! Prayer is communication with God, talking with Him. Listening to Him. And it happens in Medjugorje for most pilgrims. You get a hunger for prayer. Why? Because Our Lady brings Heaven. God is close to us there, and prayer is natural. Pilgrims also seem to be much happier in Medjugorje. Joy grows as you stay there. It is a joy that comes from a deep well-being. Heaven is where our heart’s desires are answered with all we need. And truly, God is all we need. He is close to us there. Our Lady brings Heaven to us in Medjugorje! Finally, I don’t think we can explain the incredible desire that we pilgrims have to return to Medjugorje without understanding that Our Lady brings Heaven. Many of us come from far distances, every year at great cost! Why? Because we need to experience Heaven periodically, in order to go back to our families and countries and witness Heaven anew. Witnessing Heaven is really just manifesting the joy, peace, hope, love and prayer that we have been given in Medjugorje through Our Lady’s presence. Witnessing Heaven is what will change the world. We must bring Heaven to others, who are so in need of it! Have a beautiful weekend! May our hearts remain in Medjugorje with Our Mother, no matter where we live, and may she bring Heaven to us where we are too! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2021