Day: November 16, 2021

November 16, 2021 Reflection – Live my messages!

Live my messages! November 16, 2021 St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Gertrude Dear Family of Mary! June 25, 2010 “Dear children! With joy, I call you all to live my messages with joy; only in this way, little children, will you be able to be closer to my Son. I desire to lead you all only to Him, and in Him you will find true peace and the joy of your heart. I bless you all and love you with immeasurable love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”  Our Lady has faithfully given us a messages for 40 years! She is such a good mother, faithful and true, ready to help her children at all times. Her messages are her gift to us to guide us closer and closer to her Son. They can change us, if we cherish them.Here is a little litany consisting of things she has said about her messages, and why we should live them. The response could be, “Thank you, Mother Mary, for your messages.” With joy, I call you all to live my messages with joy; (6/25/10) Live my messages and convey them to others… (8/16/84) I want you, dear children, to listen to me and to live my messages. (2/14/85) I wish to tell you that I love you and that I urge you to live my messages. (8/15/85) Dear children, listen to and live my messages. I wish to guide you. (10/24/85) Today also I am calling you all in order that each one of you decides to live my messages. (8/25/87) Today as never before I invite you to live my messages and to put them into practice in your life. (3/25/92) Pray, live my messages and then you will see the miracles of God’s love in your everyday life. (3/25/92)Dear children, it is a grace that I am with you. That is why you should accept and live my messages for your own good. (11/25/92) Today I call you to accept and live my messages with seriousness. (1/25/93) Dear children! I invite you all to have more trust in me and to live my messages more deeply. (5/25/94) I bless you and I call you all to decide to live my messages which I give you here. I desire, little children, to guide you all to Jesus because He is your salvation. (6/25/94) Convert and start to live my messages, not with your words but with your life. In this way, little children, you will have the strength to decide for the true conversion of the heart. (9/25/98) By fasting and prayer, witness that you are mine and that you live my messages. (4/25/99) You who live my messages be the light and extended hands to this faithless world that all may come to know the God of Love. (11/25/01) I desire to lead you all on the way of holiness. Live my messages and put into life every word that I am giving you. May they be precious to you because they come from Heaven. (6/25/02) Little children, again I call you to pray, pray, pray, not with words but with the heart. Live my messages and be converted. (12/25/02) I call you to live my messages even more strongly in humility and love so that the Holy Spirit may fill you with His grace and strength. (4/25/04) Anew I call you to live my messages in humility. (5/25/05) Thank you, dearest Mother, for faithfully guiding us through these 40 years, especially through your messages. They have brought us light, hope and peace. They have also corrected us and convicted us when we have chosen the wrong road. You are the most faithful of mothers. We love you and choose to follow you in these most important days of the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart! In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2021