Day: November 21, 2021

November 22, 2021 Reflection – The Jesus Rosary

The Jesus Rosary November 22, 2021 Dear Family of Mary! I want to share Franjo’s story about how the Jesus Rosary began to be prayed in Medjugorje, in the prayer group that Our Lady started with Jelena and Mirjana, two young girls of the parish. I believe that the Jesus Rosary is very powerful for us in these days, for healing and strengthening as we go through the difficulties of our day. Here are Franjo’s words: At Christmas time in 1982 two little girls received inner locutions. One of them was Jelena, and afterward, Mirjana. So Our Lady, through these two little girls started to lead the prayer group in the parish. We usually had 3 meetings a week. And on Tuesday we prayed the Jesus Rosary! It is a very, very powerful prayer. Our Lady told us that the Rosary is the most powerful weapon against Satan. But she also gave us the Jesus Rosary in 1983 and I will tell you that the Jesus Rosary contains everything that a Catholic should pray for today. Our Lady gave us this Rosary when it was a tough time in Medjugorje. Fr. Jozo was in jail, three Franciscans were in jail, two men from the Parish of Medjugorje were in jail. Mirjana the visionary went to Sarajevo, Marija went to Mostar to school, Ivan went to school, and Vicka and Jacov would be at Mass in the evening on the right hand side of the sanctuary in the little room where they would have the apparition. And we would come to mass…Our Lady chose young people who had deep faith. Sixty young people joined the prayer group. Our Lady taught Jelena the Jesus Rosary for our group. Jelena wrote down what Our Lady told her. A lady from our group printed it for us. So that first night, I brought the paper to my house, my family home, and my mother was there. She was still in the kitchen washing the dishes. She was very devout. So I asked her if she ever heard of the Jesus Rosary? She said, “Jesus Rosary, yes of course. I said, “No…don’t tell me you know the Jesus Rosary?” She said, “Yes! During Lent, as a small girl of 12, I prayed the Jesus Rosary: Apostles Creed, 33 Our Fathers, and on the end 7 Glory Be’s. Thirty three Our Fathers because Jesus was on the earth for 33 years.” This was exactly what Our Lady gave Jelena! But my mother said they didn’t have any mysteries to mention during the Rosary. So the prayer of the Jesus Rosary was here in Hercegovina, but Our Lady took that old prayer, and placed in it 8 Mysteries and Meditations and Intentions, and gave it to us. It is lovely, it contains all that we need to pray for today: It contains prayer for peace, the pope and priests, for families, our neighbors, that Jesus will live in our hearts, God’s will in our life, and for the Holy Spirit! It is the Rosary Our Lady gave us with all the intentions we need…” From Jesus Rosary, Episode 1, 4/29/2020: here is a link to that first Jesus Rosary show with Franjo! I just want to share that I agree with Franjo. The Jesus Rosary is meant for these days. I have found it to be a powerful prayer for deliverance, for healing, for reconciliation and for peace. Really, there is a strong protection in praying it, because it links us very strongly to God, the Father. It is healing for all who have father wounds. So here is a guide for praying the Jesus Rosary, if you want to try it. Of course, Our Lady’s Rosary is the weapon of choice. I just suggest the Jesus Rosary as another source of healing and strength given to us by Our Lady in Medjugorje. The Jesus Rosary (Given by Our Lady to Jelena) Pray the Creed 1. Mystery: Contemplate the birth of Jesus Intention: pray for peace. 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be our help and our strength 2. Mystery: Contemplate that Jesus helped and gave all to the poor Intention: Let us pray for the Holy Father and for the Bishops 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be our help and our strength 3. Mystery: Contemplate that Jesus trusted in his Father completely and carried out His will Intention: pray for priests and for all those who serve God in a particular way 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us. 4. Mystery: Contemplate that Jesus knew he had to give up his life for us and He did so without regrets because He loved us. Intention: pray for families. 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us. 5. Mystery: Contemplate that Jesus made his life into a sacrifice for us Intention: Pray so that we, too, may be capable of offering our life for our neighbor. 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us. 6. Mystery: Contemplate the victory of Jesus over Satan. He is risen Intention: let us pray that all sins may be eliminated so that Jesus may live in our hearts. 5 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us. 7. Mystery: Contemplate the ascension of Jesus into Heaven Intention: let us pray that the will of God may triumph, so that his will may be done 3 Our Father’s Exclamation: O Jesus, be strength and protection for us. After this, contemplate how Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. Intention: pray so that the Holy Spirit may descend upon us. 7 Glory Be’s In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2021