Day: February 11, 2022

February 11, 2022 Reflection – I desire to bring you all to Heaven unto God!

I desire to bring you all to heaven unto God!   February 11, 2022 Our Lady of Lourdes Dear Family of Mary! November 27, 1986 “Dear children! Again today I call you to consecrate your life to me with love, so I am able to guide you with love. I love you, dear children, with a special love and I desire to bring you all to Heaven unto God. I want you to realize that this life lasts briefly compared to the one in Heaven. Therefore, dear children, decide again today for God. Only that way will I be able to show how much you are dear to me and how much I desire all to be saved and to be with me in Heaven. Thank you for having responded to my call.” Our Lady comes from Heaven to be with us every day. She sees everything from the eternal, heavenly perspective. We cannot imagine that perspective! It is beyond our experience and we can only guess at how it feels to be in Heaven and then see life on earth! In the message above, Our Lady’s words give us a little glimpse of what she feels. She tells us she loves us with a special love and that she desires to bring us all to heaven unto God. Imagine! She is our mother! And she sees her children living on earth, in time, far from God and Heaven. Of course she wants to bring us all to Heaven! She is our Mom!! She also assures us that our time on earth is short! It is a blink of an eye compared to Heaven. But even so, Our Lady wants us with her asap!! Yesterday I was blessed to be at the wake of a friend we have known many years. His wife told me that during her husband’s illness, they had prayed many rosaries, and as the end drew near, a strange and beautiful peace began to cover them both. The evening her husband died, she said that he began to gaze upward with eyes wide open and a look of wonder on his face. Then he just went peacefully to sleep. She was sure the Our Lady had come for him. This beautiful experience of peace was the fruit of many years of prayer in that family. And when I approached the casket, to say farewell, I felt that peace. And then I heard an interior voice that seemed to be the husband speaking, and he said, “What are you worried about? Heaven is waiting! This is why we are born! The Lord is waiting for you! He is calling you to Heaven. Do not fear, but be filled with joy!” It was so clear to me!! Again, it seemed to be someone speaking from eternity into my temporal life. It was the voice of hope and joy! The call to desire eternal life with God! This is why we were created! It is for us! We should feel called to a life in Heaven! As Our Lady said to us: I love you, dear children, with a special love and I desire to bring you all to Heaven unto God. May we respond to Our Lady’s call, live her messages, and have a deep hope for the future of life in Heaven with God! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2022 PS. Let’s ask St. Bernadette to pray for us, that we will respond to Our Lady’s call to us with the same devotion and courage as she did! Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!