Day: February 27, 2022

February 25, 2022 – Marija speaks about Our Lady’s Message

Again this month, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti and Fr. Livio had a conversation about the February 25, 2022 message! Marija calls Fr. Livio soon after the message is released, and they have a conversation about it on Radio Maria. Our shipmate, Marina, soon after, transcribes the radio conversation and translates it into English for us. Here is the English transcript of the conversation between Marija and Fr. Livio, which took place on Friday, February 25, 2022: Conversation between Fr. Livio and Marija Pavlovic Lunetti – February 25, 2022 Father Livio:  Dear friends, we now have live Marjia from Medjugorje who is about to give us the February 25, 2022, message from the Queen of Peace. Hi Marija! Marjia: Hello Father Livio! A greeting to all the listeners of Radio Maria. Today, like every 25th of the month, Our Lady gave us the following message: Marjia: reads the message in Italian and Croatian as usual. “Dear children! I am with you, and we pray together. Help me with prayer, little children, that Satan may not prevail. His power of death, hatred, and fear has visited the earth. Therefore, little children, return to God and to prayer, to fasting and to renunciation, for all those who are downtrodden, poor, and have no voice in this world without God. Little children, if you do not return to God and His Commandments, you do not have a future. That is why He sent me to you to guide you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” F.L. This is one of the most serious messages that Our Lady has ever given us Marjia. M. Yes, it is a serious message but also a message where Our Lady involves us and says “let us pray together” to say that she is with us and wants to help us, guide us! We hope that her presence during these forty years is a sign of peace and of her triumph as “Queen of Peace” because Satan unfortunately “has visited the earth with his hatred and power of death” as Our Lady says. In these days we are praying for many people who have recommended themselves especially from Ukraine who have come for Christmas. I remember one day a bishop arrived and during the apparition asked me to recommend Ukraine. Our Lady had prayed over him, heart to heart, in Aramaic which I do not understand and when this happens it means that it must be a secret. We are approaching Lent, which is the time of renunciation, fasting and renewal for all of us. We have had the experience of the war in the Balkans and Our Lady told us then that “with prayer and fasting even wars can be removed”. We must increase our prayers for all of those who are under the power of the devil who is so strong right now. This also happens in our families where there is no peace, there is no serenity. Our hearts can be easily lured by the devil who wants to use us. But we must not allow it. Our Lady has always invited us to pray for those who do not believe and since we are one body only with God, if even one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. So, let us pray for our Ukrainian and Russian brothers, same people, and same faith. We all have one God, and we are waging war against each other. This is the greatest tragedy that gives me enormous sadness. We pray that hatred does not prevail. F.L. Listen Marjia in recent years I too have seen, especially at Christmas in Medjugorje, the faith of this people who climbed Krizevac even in winter with bare feet and I believe that Our Lady cannot but help a people with such great faith, serenity, and courage. M. Father Livio, I had a strong experience with this people that I will remember as long as I live. A group of Orthodox and Catholics (from Ukraine) came to pray for Christian unity in a bus. Halfway here, the bus caught fire and, despite the explosion of the means of transport, everyone survived. Despite having lost all their luggage, they wanted to continue the pilgrimage. They waited for the new bus and when it arrived after five days, we welcomed them with clothing and garments given by my Italian friends which they gladly gave up. A lady told me how her rubber shoes had melted during the fire and now she arrived in Medjugorje barefoot. She had therefore worn that pair of leather shoes (given to her in Medjugorje) for the first time in her life! I, who see so much poverty in this people, also notice their great spiritual wealth and their spirit of sacrifice, and I am ashamed. I hope, as you say, Father Livio, that the Lord will listen to their prayers, restoring peace to their people as soon as possible. F. L. This message has new passages that I find for the first time! For example, Our Lady says that: “Help me with prayer, little children, that Satan may not prevail. His power of death, hatred, and fear has visited the earth.”  It is practically the first time She has used the expression that “Satan…. has visited the earth”. What is the meaning of this strong expression? Does she mean that Satan has been unchained and, as She said in the message of March 25, 2020, it seems that Satan reigns? M. Yes, this is precisely what Our Lady said: “pray together with me…help me with prayer” because unity is strength and, in this moment, we must be united with God and Our Lady and ask for this grace so that the power of Satan, of hate, death, and fear will not prevail. Today we see how more and more people are turning away from God and his commandments. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors and our enemies; for this we must pray not only for those who suffer the war but also for those who attack. War is not a good thing and causes a lot of damage, I believe in my heart that few are those who want it. F.L. Listen Marija, however, it is also the first time that Our Lady says: “for all those who are downtrodden, poor, and have no voice in this world without God.” She therefore also is looking at this world without God where there is a multitude of people who are, as Pope Francis says, “discarded, marginalized, trampled” and we do not see it at times, we do not have the gaze to see all this. M. But now we cannot help but see “people trampled” and “poor who have no voice” not only in Ukraine. I remember when the war broke out, few people fled away because they preferred to die in their homes rather than abandon them and unfortunately when the bombings arrived, they were no exception even if there were also women and children. F.L. Listen, Marjia, I wanted to ask you for a long time… Our Lady has often used the expression that we “are living in a world without God” but what does it mean? Is it the international leaders and those who are important who are without God or has the world really become atheistic? M. I believe it is a matter of “power” because many want to put themselves in God’s place, and they are convinced that they really are. Instead, life is beautiful, and it is a gift, and we must take advantage of this time to do good. I have had many testimonies of people who, as they get older, have begun to pray and think about their “call,” many others have come close to God during their illnesses, while those who are healthy often think they are eternal. The problem is that we should imitate more the saints like for example that saint whose name I don’t remember, who put his coffin under his bed, and his brothers we told to keep on knocking continuously on his door saying, “Remember brother that death is near.” F.L. Speak freely Marjia; I wanted to ask you a question. It is something that struck me personally and gave a great joy to many people and that is that day of prayer and fasting that the Pope announced for March 2, the beginning of Lent, and then the invocation he made to the “Queen of Peace” to preserve us from the insanity of war. I believe that Our Lady was very pleased to hear the Holy Father saying so at the General Audience. M. Yes, we need peace and thanks be to God the Holy Father also turned to the “Queen of Peace” and we too must ask not once but a thousand times for Her intercession as we are moving towards the time of Lent, of renunciation of fasting and grace. Our Lady asked our prayer group to intensify the beginning of Lent with something special and I remember that we used the prayers of Saint Brigida, the Way of the Cross, the Holy Rosaries and the daily Holy Mass which then became a complete part of our life. F.L. So we must make a journey of conversion, renouncing sin and prepare for Easter with confession and above all prayers and fasting and “return to the fervor of the early days” as Our Lady has said on other occasions. M. Exactly, exactly and if we dedicate time to God, we realize that He is not a distant God, an unknown God. It is He who gives Himself to us and we feel this because He comes among us, walks with us, and gets closer and closer by means of prayer. This is an opportunity to return to God and His commandments as Our Lady says and we must respect the order of Creation instead of waging war that does not bring joy to the heart at all. F.L. There is also the warning Marjia that Our Lady now repeats almost in every message, and we see that we have not yet understood it, and that is: “if we do not return to God and his Commandments, we have no future”. What does this mean. M. Our Lady reminds us that She is with us to guide us, thanks to God who grants Her to us, and at the same time She reminds us that “without God we have no future, no eternal life” and unfortunately many people who carry hatred in their hearts do not have future, while those who pray and are peacemakers are supported by Her. So let us thank the Good Lord from the bottom of our hearts for having given Her to us as a guide in these difficult times. F.L. And then as you once said, Our Lady is the Woman from the future. M. Exactly. Our Lady is not only our Mother, our guide, our inspirer, as I say so many times. But She is the Mother who cries for each of us, encourages us, guides us, and urges us to achieve our goals. F.L. Listen Marjia, today’s message makes us think. How was Our Lady today while giving the message? M. Our Lady was serious, and I too was a little sad to see Her so serious. I began to think in a negative way but then hope and joy prevailed in my heart because I said: “Our Lady is with us and does not abandon us, She won’t do it, She is guiding us.” F.L. But the closure is also beautiful, we take it for granted, but Our Lady says it as if it were the first time and that is: “Thank you for having responded to my call”. This is also a great encouragement. M. Yes, it is a great joy, an encouragement and at the same time an invitation because as Our Lady said that She needs us. We are honored to be able to say, “we are your children”. We are sinners as that song says, but we are your children! And at this moment I also want to invite not only myself but all of us to embrace the message of Our Lady, to kneel down and pray in a concrete way so that the Lord hears our prayers for peace not only in Ukraine where none of us could have imagined that it would burst, but in all parts of the world where there is war. F.L. I tell you the truth, two things in this message struck me, and that is, in a few words: Our Lady tells us to be with Her because first she says: “I am with you.” That is how we are together. Then She says “let us pray together” that is, we must pray together. Then She says, “help me with prayer,” and we must help Her! She involves us together with Her and does not leave us alone and invites us to work with Her. The opening is beautiful! M. Yes, yes and this is not only beautiful but as we often say it is helping us, it is guiding us, and this is the grace we have received from the Good Lord. F.L. Well Marjia thank you very much, I see that you too have suffered a little for this message but in the end, we say: “Our Lady is with us”. Satan is there, but there is Our Lady. Satan is a lying force; Mary has an unending Love, and this must give us confidence. M. Yes, we are aware that evil exists, but it will not prevail, because we are instruments of peace with prayer, with our actions, and with our life. F.L. Thanks Marjia you have given a beautiful testimony and a strong participation. Of course, seeing Our Lady worried, we too worried a little, and you too, but in the end, peace prevails in our heart. M. Yes, we are worried because as I said when a part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers, so also to our brothers who are suffering at this moment we want to tell them that we are with them, and we pray for them. P. L. Thanks Marjia now we conclude with the beautiful prayer. And they pray together the Magnificat prayer as always. Thank you, Marina for your beautiful translation!!! May we take seriously the call to prayer and fasting that Our Lady has given us!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2022