Day: August 31, 2022

September 1, 2022 Reflection – God permits me to…lead you on the way of peace!

God permits me to…lead you on the way of peace!   September 1, 2022 Dear Family of Mary! “God permits me to be with you and to lead you on the way of peace… (August 25, 2022) God has permitted Our Lady to be with us!!  And He has given her a special job.  She is to lead us on the way of peace.  This has been her mission from the beginning. She told the visionaries: Thursday, August 6, 1981 “I am the Queen of Peace.” And the word “peace” occurs at least 563 times in her messages! Truly, her task among us is to establish peace and she has not wandered from that task all these years.  We see that Our Lady’s work has been challenged at every step.  The forces of evil have seemingly increased their attacks upon the world, trying to inflict hatred and war upon us in every way possible.  But that should not surprise us.  The enemy of our souls has been challenged by the Queen of Peace.  She has been sent to lead us to peace, and she will not back down.  And so the battle is engaged! Our Lady gave us a powerful message in 2019, in which she outlined her battle plan.  She told us exactly how we can win this battle for peace.  As we begin to live her messages, and walk with her. we become strong in all the virtues and defeat the enemy of our souls. Our Lady is with us to lead us on the way of peace: June 2, 2019 “Dear children, only a pure and an open heart will make it such that you may truly come to know my Son and that all those who do not know His love may come to know it through you. Only love will make you comprehend that it is stronger than death because true love conquered death and made it so that death not exist. My children, forgiveness is the most exalted form of love. You, as apostles of my love, must pray that you be strong in spirit and that you could comprehend and forgive. You, apostles of my love, by understanding and forgiveness, are giving an example of love and mercy. To be able to comprehend and forgive is a gift for which it is necessary to pray, and to nurture it. By forgiveness you are showing that you know how to love. Just look, my children, how the Heavenly Father loves you with a great love, with understanding, forgiveness and justice – how He gives me, the Mother of your hearts, to you. And here I am among you to bless you with a motherly blessing, to call you to prayer, to fasting – to tell you to believe, to hope, to forgive, to pray for your shepherds, and above all to love without limits. My children, follow me. My way is the way of peace and love, the way of my Son. It is the way that leads to the triumph of my heart. Thank you.” Mother, we will follow you.  Take us upon the way of peace and love, the way of Jesus, the way that leads to the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart!!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV