Day: September 27, 2022

Marija and Fr. Livio discuss the September 25, 2022 Message

A Conversation between Fr. Livio and Marija Pavlovic Lunetti on September 25, 2022, about the Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje on September 25, 2022: Dear friends sorry for been late but we had some technical problem, and now Marjia is on air from Medjugorje and she is about to give us the September 25, 2022, Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace: Hi Marjia! Hello Fr. Livio and a greeting to all Radio Maria’s listeners. Today, like every 25th of the month, Our Lady gave us the following message: “Dear children! Pray that the Holy Spirit may enlighten you that you be joyful seekers of God and witnesses of love without bounds. I am with you, little children, and, anew, I am calling all of you: take courage and bear witness to the good works that God is doing in and through you. Be joyful in God. Do good to your neighbor so that it will be good for you on earth and pray for peace, which is threatened because Satan wants war and peacelessness. Thank you for having responded to my call” Fr. Livio: Marjia make some considerations. It seems to me a very beautiful and comforting message. Marjia: Yes, the message is awesome because every time it seems to me that Our Lady has something more to say and today she still invites us to pray “that the Holy Spirit may enlighten us that we be joyful seekers”. In Croatian it is a new word and a single word “bogotražitelji”, seekers of God, witnesses of his immense, unlimited love. We are experiencing this love through all these years in which Our Lady is helping us to build a world of holiness, to be joyful witnesses for peace, in contrast to the one without God that belongs to the devil with war. In Medjugorje there is a place indicated with a statuette that designates the place where Our Lady in the early years called us for the first time to confession and allowed us visionaries and the people with us to touch her gown. Whenever I get close to that place (I love to go there at night) I feel very excited. So, it was today! She told us to be joyful witnesses of God and of His immense, endless love. We are witnessing paganism and atheism which together with other ideologies are taking us away from God. Our Lady does not get tired of telling us: “courage!” She is inviting us once again to courageously witness the works that God does within us and to our neighbor through us. I wanted to share with you an extraordinary testimony about “being united”. A group of parishioners of all ages arrived for the apparition, walking 38 km to ask for the healing of a 16-year-old girl whom the doctors had given no hope due to a virus that had made her fall into a deep coma. Because of the strong and firm faith of the parish priest who accompanied the group, the prayers, fasting, and adoration performed by the people, a miracle of the girl’s complete recovery occurred. She herself with her mother came to Medjugorje and together with me we thanked Our Lady. It was a testimony of profound faith, and this courageous act on the part of the priest showed us that Our Lady responds to our requests. On the hill, in addition to the group, there were also other priests present for the apparition and in this regard, Our Lady restated the importance of asking the priests for blessings and prayers directly on us. So, with great emotion I reported what Our Lady had told me to tell them, which was that their “blessed” hands infuse the blessing of God. I can give many examples of this – so emotionally strong – that have happened in Medjugorje in which those who ask with faith, receive a prompt response! Even just by witnessing the enormous love that God has for us, causes the conversion of so many young people who have not received any gift as yet. Our Lady is encouraging us to pray to the Holy Spirit so that we can be enlightened, joyful bearers of peace and respect and help each other “because it will be good for us on earth” as She says. If while Satan is strong, God’s joy and love are even stronger, we must believe in it! We can become witnessed and intercessors for those who are far away and have not yet known God’s love. F.L. Marjia I wanted to ask you something: when Our Lady tells us to bless and pray, do we have to do as She does and extend our hands above your heads? M. Yes, Our Lady usually extends her hands, looks at us, blesses us while we realize that Heaven has come down to Our life is a passage towards eternal life, and She tells us not to be afraid of evil, but to live good by witnessing peace and prayer. F.L. Marjia, She used the word joyful several times, as if to say don’t be sad. M. Yes, just lately Our Lady has been very joyful. She is encouraging us to become seekers of the Good, of Peace! And the Lord enlightens us through the Holy Spirit until we become docile witnesses. It is also through the reading of Sacred Scripture that we become instruments where God works in an extraordinary way, making us find that necessary courage towards our neighbor who could be a pagan or one in search of God who does not know Him at all, approaching them just as the first Christians did. It could be a relative of ours, a nephew, a son, or a neighbor who has restlessness in his heart and in need of finding that peace that only comes from God through prayer and our support. F.L. This struck me very much: “I call you all again.” It is as if Our Lady is calling us because we are a bit scattered all over the place, we are a bit lost and She calls on us to follow her, She calls on us to listen to Her, to move, to be brave to overcome fear! We should answer this call. M. Yes, Our Lady is encouraging us and telling us to bear witness to the good works received from God so we will be admired for our beauty, holiness, love, and gratitude, like this recent experience I had a few days ago with the healed young girl. When someone gave a testimony, then the others in the group are encouraged to tell their stories, and so, on the same evening, open hearted and full of love, the priests who were present also opened up about their story of how they received the call right here in Medjugorje, making this gathering truly exciting. F.L. Marjia I wanted to tell you one last thing; it is true that in the world there are those who hate God, but the majority of people are as if they were empty waiting for the Light, for joy, for something positive that is, there is a great expectation in this emptiness that we find around us. M. I see it in Medjugorje when people come with a great desire to have supernatural experiences and I send them to the hill of apparitions where there is room for everyone. Pray, also try to sacrifice some of your sleep early in the morning or late in the evening. Many times, people tell how by reading and living the messages, the Sacred Scripture, and climbing the hill of the apparitions, they feel the positivity, the inner peace, and receive the miracle. A lady told me the other day that she had been trying to go to confession for years and had lost the courage to do so after so many negative experiences she had through the priests. Here in Medjugorje, the Lord gave her this opportunity, she found the right priest who allowed her to trust and open her heart by making a good confession. This is one of the miracles that the Lord works where so many wounded people find the strength to start a new life. F.L. Marjia, I would like you to also say a few words of encouragement to our listeners in these difficult moments: how Our Lady is with us and comes every day. M. I am a witness Father Livio, together with Vicka and Ivan of the fact that the Lord is still merciful and that He is still sending us our dear little Madonna, our Queen of Peace who punctually arrives every day and appears, loves us, calls us, and walks with us to take us to Her Son Jesus. She made us fall in love with Her from the beginning and we did it trusting Her! We began to follow Her messages, we began to put them into practice, we chose holiness, chose a new life with God and today we can say that we have not turned back because the Lord is merciful, because even today He isn’t tired of us and is calling us together with his Mother – granting us immense love. God’s Love is not human but Divine! And for this I say to all of you: courage, pray the Holy Spirit to enlighten you so that you can live well here on this Earth and that this is a moment of grace. The presence of Our Lady is a gift that I could never have imagined and today we can say THANK YOU with all our hearts for every moment in which She appears, encourages us, loves us, and believes in us by telling us that we can change this world. She says She is with us and intercedes through her Son and says: “Who is against us if God and Our Lady are with us?” This is why I am stating over and over that you must not be negative but enlighten people, those joyful ones who love God, love their neighbor, men. God is giving us His Mother to tell us that He does not leave us alone. My prayer is for all of you who are in a trial with problems relative to your jobs, health issues; Courage, offer all your sufferings to God who can use the good for your families and for all mankind. We must be the pipes that bring water into the desert and where there is no faith bring it with our offerings and sacrifices, sufferings, prayers and small fasting. Our Lady said that through suffering, prayer and fasting even wars can be stopped. We experience it in small and big things that the Lord does, and He calls on us to be his collaborators. We are here but Medjugorje is not a physical place alone, but it is in the hearts of many people who, returning to their homes, begin to live their faith deeply again by witnessing both in their workplace and in their family where they pray together, read the Sacred Scripture, the messages of Our Lady, the lives of the saints who become our example, such as Saint John Paul II or as those we have known and who have always behaved in a holy way. For example, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and even many others who have not been proclaimed saints but have nevertheless lived in a holy way and for us they are an example of a model of life. I wish this to all of you. May you live in a holy way, live with joy and serenity in your heart because God loves us and sent us His mother to tell us that we are not alone! She has not abandoned us to ourselves: Her “Thank you because you have responded to my call” is to tell us that She is counting on our collaboration also in these latest messages. F.L Thanks Marjia, Your words to us are beautiful! Now let’s conclude with a prayer: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit….