Day: October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022 Reflection – Pray for Peace!

  October 21, 2022 Dear Family of Mary! “And pray for peace, which is threatened because Satan wants war and peacelessness…” (September 25, 2022) Our Lady ended the September 25, 2022 message with a call to pray for peace.  Why?  Because Satan wants war and peacelessness.  This of course is self-evident. The entire world now seems to be engulfed in war, hatred, cultural upheaval, sin…on and on.  Our job is to pray in a way that will counter Satan’s desires. I was reminded of the great Italian exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth.  He conducted thousands of exorcisms during his lifetime.  And he revived the practice of exorcism in the church, arguing powerfully about the great need to fight the demonic to protect God’s people. Fr. Amorth championed the Rosary as one of the key prayers to battle the enemy.  And he understood the power of the Blessed Virgin Mary against Satan.  I have an excerpt below from his book, “An Exorcist Explains the Demonic”.  Fr. Amorth explains the power of Our Lady and the Rosary in the battle against Satan.  And he would know, considering the thousands of exorcisms Fr. Amorth performed. Our Lady calls us to pray for peace.  Fr. Amorth can help us understand how to pray for peace! An Excerpt from “An Exorcist Explains the Demonic” by Fr. Gabriele Amorth: “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”: Mary’s prophecy at Fátima reassures us that besides the body-to-body [struggle] with the demon (the exorcism), the earthly anticipation of the eschatological struggle between the Mother of God and the ancient dragon (cf. Rev. 12) also has her attention. Despite rampant sin and despite the man who abandons God, considering him only a useless impediment to his own unrestrained liberty, the tribulations of the Church will have an end. And the finale will be good: God will have the last word on history. For this reason, Mary is always invoked during the exorcism; although, to tell the truth, the old ritual did not include an invocation to her. Adding her to the ceremony is a practice I borrowed from Father Candido, however. It is a necessity, and the current ritual has gotten around this deficiency. During the prayer, the priest repeatedly invokes her intercession and her powerful action. Without her, little is accomplished in the struggle against Satan. It is always God who liberates one from his influence — it is good to keep repeating it—but His ear is especially attuned to the mediation of Mary, the Mother of His Son. What role does the Virgin have in the liberation of the obsessed? Mary, as the Hail Mary says, is “full of grace.” She is the mediatrix of God’s every grace for all men, particularly for those who suffer much, including those who suffer from spiritual evils. The enmity between Mary and Satan—proclaimed solemnly by God in the first book of Genesis (Gen. 1:3–15) and manifest in the eschatological struggle with the dragon — makes her the number-one enemy of the demon. She will be the one to crush his head at the end of time. The help of the Virgin, however, goes beyond the exceptional situations of the demoniacs. In man’s every struggle against Satan and sin, it is always she who represents the extraordinary and the irreplaceable. The demon is terrified of her. In order to be very clear, I wish to cite an episode at which I personally assisted many years ago. During an exorcism, Father Candido asked the devil a question: “Why are you more afraid when I invoke Mary than when I implore God Himself?” He responded: “I feel more humiliated being conquered by a simple creature than by God Himself.” Mary is a creature like us, but, having been elevated to be the Mother of God, she has extraordinary power. Also for this reason I ask the persons who assist me to pray the Rosary. It is the most advisable prayer in that context, prayed individually, not aloud and collectively, as it is often prayed in church before Mass, so as not to disturb the exorcism. I would add that the Rosary, being the prayer most appreciated by our Lady, is an extremely powerful arm against the devil, and I warmly recommend it to anyone suffering from spiritual evils. This prayer has, in fact, a strong power of protection and liberation from evil. One day Sister Lucia, a seer of Fátima, revealed that God has conferred a power so great on the Rosary that there is no evil—personal, family, or social—that cannot be defeated by its recitation with faith. What, then, can we ask of Mary in the Rosary? There is nothing else to ask of her except for the gift of peace — for the world certainly, but also for ourselves; for the serenity of our heart, so that we may be able to accept our crosses, so that we may know how to recognize the gifts that we receive each day from the good God and thank Him for this. It is also important to pray the Rosary together as a family in order to invoke peace in our homes and in our parochial communities, in workplaces, in nations, and in the world. Wars and the division of souls are unequivocal signs of the presence of the devil, which, not by chance, in Greek means “divider.” I also recall that on March 25, 1984, St. John Paul II consecrated the world to Mary. It was a very important gesture in an epoch in which communism still represented an explicit threat to Christianity. During an exorcism, I asked an unclean spirit who was persecuting someone why he had so much hatred toward John Paul II. He replied: “Because he has ruined our plans.” I imagine that he was referring to the fall of communism. At Fátima, when the Virgin affirmed that her “Immaculate Heart will triumph,” what could it mean if not to trust in the Lord and her maternal help always—particularly before the danger of discouragement that lies in wait for everyone, but, above all, for those suffering from evil spirits, because often waiting for the results can seem interminable. It also means that, with the help of Mary, we must continuously engage ourselves in converting to God, so that we will know how to do His will — that is, to pardon and to love — and so that we may know how to make every event an occasion of sanctification and the realization of God’s plan for us. Mary brings us to Jesus, because initially she allowed the Holy Spirit to touch her intimately, permitting her to generate Jesus in time. (Fr. Gabriele Amorth. An Exorcist Explains the Demonic. Sophia Institute Press. 2016 p. 122-124.) So we can see that to answer Our Lady’s call to pray for peace, because Satan wants war and peacelessness, we need to pray the Rosary with her!!!  Pray the Rosary all day long, and all night as well, because the battle is engaged and Our Lady is the Champion General for us, the one who will win against our terrible foe, along with her children who pray with her, especially the Rosary!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c) Mary TV 2022