Day: December 21, 2023

December 21, 2023 Reflection – Pray for little Jesus to be born in your hearts

Pray for little Jesus to be born in your hearts December 21, 2023 Dear Family of Mary! Here is another November 25th message, this time from 2020. Our Lady calls us to open our hearts in prayer, and live Advent through the Scriptures and the Sacraments, especially confession. If we do, we will experience little Jesus, born in our hearts. We have been given everything we need to be ready for the Birth of Jesus. November 25, 2020  “Dear children! This is a time of love, warmth, prayer and joy. Pray, little children, for little Jesus to be born in your hearts. Open your hearts to Jesus who gives Himself to each of you. God sent me to be joy and hope in this time, and I am saying to you: Without little Jesus you do not have the tenderness or the feeling of Heaven which is hidden in the Newborn. Therefore, little children, work on yourselves. By reading the Sacred Scripture you will discover Jesus’ birth and joy, as in the first days which Medjugorje gave to humanity. History will be truth which, also today, is being repeated in you and around you. Work on and build peace through the Sacrament of Confession. Reconcile with God, little children, and you will see miracles around you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” Mother wants us to experience the wonders of the birth of Jesus, as if we could go back in time to that moment and place. She wants her little Jesus to be present to us in a profound way, so that we can truly experience Him as an infant, so tiny, so innocent, so dependent and so pure. We need to be filled with the wonders of His birth. It is not sentimentality. It is not the glitzy world of merchandise. It is the incredible power of holding a newborn, pulsing with life, defenseless and pure, a newborn who is God. We can’t understand it but we can experience it in prayer, in prayer with the heart. Let’s pray more than we have ever prayed at Christmas, and let Jesus give Himself to us in His Birth. In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c) Mary TV 2023