Day: February 8, 2024

February 8, 2024 Reflection – Approach Him through your personal prayer

Approach Him through your personal prayer… February 8, 2024 St. Jerome Emiliani St. Josephine Bakhita Dear Family of Mary! Here is a message that will help us to refocus our prayer. It is important to be vigilant in our prayer, not letting our desire for God wane. Personal prayer is at the heart of our relationship with the Lord. It should be a very high priority in our lives! Our Lady has told us: February 25, 1991 “Dear children! Today, I invite you to decide for God, because distance from God is the fruit of the lack of peace in your hearts. God is only peace. Therefore, approach Him through your personal prayer and then live peace in your hearts and in this way peace will flow from your hearts like a river into the whole world. Do not talk about peace, but make peace. I am blessing each of you and each good decision of yours. Thank you for having responded to my call.” I will continue to share a message each day in which Our Lady gives us advice about prayer! Let’s be patient with ourselves, but also motivated to improve our personal prayer!! In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV