Day: March 19, 2024

March 20, 2024 Reflection – My Children, love makes it possible for my Son to illuminate your hearts!

My Children, love makes it possible for my Son to illuminate your hearts!   March 20, 2024 Dear Family of Mary! “Dear children, by the merciful love of God, I am with you. That is why, as a mother, I am calling you to believe in love — the love that is union with my Son. With love you help others to open their hearts to come to know my Son and to come to love Him. My children, love makes it (possible) for my Son to illuminate your hearts with His grace, to grow in you and to give you peace. My children, if you live love, if you live my Son, you will have peace and you will be happy. In love is victory. Thank you.” (March 18, 2024) “My children, love makes it (possible) for my Son to illuminate your hearts with His grace, to grow in you and to give you peace.” This sentence from Our Lady’s message through Mirjana is so very meaningful! She assures us that love will cause Jesus to illuminate our hearts with His Grace! Our love for Jesus will draw Him down into our hearts where he will light them up!! He will give us light within, a light that will reveal truth after truth after truth to us! That light is the Holy Spirit, who comes with Jesus to minister to our little hearts. He shows us so many things when He comes, the Holy Spirit who is Light!! As we spend time in deep prayer within, loving Jesus and seeking Him, we are given graces to understand many things and to learn many things about the goodness of God and the truth. This is a gift for us who love Jesus so much that He can enter into our hearts with His Spirit. I want to share for you something that Venerable Mother Mary Magdalen – a Passionist Nun from Spain – wrote about the inner illumination that Jesus can give us: “To reach sanctity, sighs do not suffice: it is necessary to do other things – things that are learned in silence and interior peace from him who speaks and teaches within the soul. How many things are leaned and understood in this school! Many times I think: “If only the ministers of the Lord would let themselves be completely governed and instructed by this interior Teacher, how many souls they could win to the love of Jesus.” He would continue through them his mission as Savior, and with what great joy he would do it through those he has especially selected for this task. “When you study in books those beautiful doctrines and that profound science of sanctity that attracts the soul and fills it with enchantment and holy enthusiasm, do not ever forget that it has all come from that school, and only in that school – in the interior of the soul united to God- can one learn the lesson well. Books are not enough, nor are teachers who explain them. Words pass away with little or no profit. How many times it has happened to me that I have heard things again and again or read them again and again but have remained unmoved, have understood nothing, or at best, if they have inspired me somewhat, they were feeble flames that were extinguished before they reached my heart. But from the moment that the Lord began to teach me, such was not the case. He is the truth, and the truth remains in the soul always and for all eternity. And in this truth how many things I understand, even about my past life, of that time in which there were so many enigmas. From the moment the light of truth can freely shine before our eyes, everything becomes clear. And how simply all this takes place.. “May the great mysteries of Gethsemane, the trial, the Calvary unfold in our hearts because of there intimate union with Jesus. And when our beloved has expired on the cross, my our hearts be his tomb, closed to everything else, until our eyes see his glorified wounds.” (Venerable Mother Mary Magdalen of Jesus in the Eucharist, C.P. Magnificat 2024, Vol 25, No 13 p. 322-323) Jesus wants to come into our hearts and illumine them with His Spirit – so that we will grow in grace and peace, in understanding and wisdom. It is from His presence that we can be filled with light, the Light of the Holy Spirit. And we will have so much to share with our brothers and sisters that will help them to do the same! Come, Lord Jesus, into our hearts and illumine them with your grace and peace! We say yes, Come Lord Jesus! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c) Mary TV 2024