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March 2, 2017

Dear Family of Mary!

Today we will receive a message through Mirjana. I will send it out as soon as I can. Mary TV will also post our video of Mirjana’s apparition on our home page and in the Archive of Mirjana’s apparitions. And we will play it on the Mary TV Channel.

As we await the message, let’s take another look at the Febraury 2, 2017 message:

“Dear children, you who are striving to offer every day of your life to my Son, you who are trying to live with Him, you who are praying and sacrificing – you are hope in this peaceless world. You are rays of the light of my Son, a living gospel, and you are my beloved apostles of love. My Son is with you. He is with those who think of Him – those who pray. But in the same way, He is patiently waiting for those who do not know Him. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, pray with the heart and with your works show the love of my Son. This is the only hope for you, and this is also the only way to eternal life. I, as a mother, I am here with you. Your prayers directed to me are the most beautiful roses of love for me. I cannot but be where I sense the scent of roses. There is hope. Thank you.” (02/02/17)

Our Lady told us we are hope in this peaceless world. We are rays of light of her Son. We are a living gospel. And our prayers as the most beautiful roses of love for her. This was a love letter from Mary. Let’s cherish it with all our hearts and welcome Our Lady today and every day!!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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