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January 11, 2017

Dear Family of Mary!

“…He looks at you and hears you. We are always close to you. This is the love which calls, unites, converts, encourages and fulfills…” (January 2, 2017).

I want to share a blessed moment I had recently. It is an example of the love that calls, unites, converts, encourages and fulfills.

I have always carried a bit of sadness in my heart. Not too much, but enough to make me seek gloomy thoughts and shadows when I am alone. I always thought that this was normal, and just part of life. But it has become a bit more difficult to bear recently. And so at Holy Mass one day, during the Consecration, I told Jesus about my sadness. I just admitted it to Him.

In that admission, I shed a little tear. And then I heard these words in my heart: “Don’t worry. I am with you. And you are on the road to heaven! You are on the way, and I am going to stay with you until you get there. No obstacle will be able to stop you. I will stay with you. Don’t worry! Be happy!” I had an image of myself climbing a rocky hill, with lots of debris and obstacles, but there was a bright light at the top, inviting me to keep going. I felt great relief in His assurance that He would stay with me to get me to heaven.

That moment did me so much good. I felt released from sadness, from accepting sadness as my inheritance. I can only say that Jesus called me, united me to Himself with His gentle words, converted me from my gloominess, encouraged me to keep going, and fulfilled me with His love. His love changed me.

I now want to encourage any of you who live with an interior disposition that is not life-giving to reach out to Jesus and Mary. They are close to us. They love us with a love that calls us out of our inner isolation, unites us to them with a bond of love, converts us from things that are destructive, encourages us to keep seeking heaven and fulfills us with their fruitful love. Jesus and Mary are looking at us and listening to us, even the faintest sigh from our soul. We are so loved!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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