December 25, 2021 – Marija speaks about Our Lady’s Message

Dear friends, we have now Marija live who is going to tell us the December 25, 2021 message of the Queen of Peace. Hi Marija

Hi Father Livio, and hello to all radio Maria’s shipmates. I wish a Holy Christmas to everyone with peace and joy. Today Our Lady like every 25th of the month gave us the following message

“Dear children! Today I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to give you His peace. Little children, without peace you do not have a future or blessing; therefore return to prayer, because the fruit of prayer is joy and faith, without which you cannot live. Today’s blessing which we give you, carry to your families and enrich all those whom you meet, that they may feel the grace which you are receiving. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Here we are Father Livio!
I think the most important thing today is the fact that Our Lady came with the Infant Jesus.

M. Yes, Our Lady today in a special way gave us the blessing of peace with her Son Jesus who is the King of Peace. With the presence of the Baby Jesus in her arms and the richness of peace that we do not appreciate until a war begins, they are stronger.

F.L. Listen Marija, I was particularly struck by the fact that Our Lady said that today’s blessing “we give you”, that is both of them gave us the blessing of peace; but did Jesus also give the blessing?

M. Exactly, this is extraordinary because Our Lady and her Child Jesus, both, gave us the blessing through their sign of the cross.

F.L.  That is, Our Lady who was holding the Child in her arms and the Child turned to you and gave the blessing just looking at you.

M. Exactly! Our Lady said that today’s blessing is not only for us, our families, but also for all those we will meet.

F.L. Listen Marija, I say this because it is nice to be able to describe the apparition to people but the Child is just a newborn baby or ..

M. He is a beautiful little newborn baby and our hearts melt with joy even at the thought of Christmas which, like every year, is special. Our Lady arrives with a golden dress, the most beautiful, as if it was embroidered with gold but also at the same time with the Child Jesus who is the King of Peace, who is the bearer of peace, who is the blessing for us and for our future. Today in a special way I asked Our Lady and the Child Jesus to free us from this pandemic and to restore peace to the whole world.

F.L. I’m sorry if I’m a bit curious, I wanted to ask you, but Baby Jesus is swaddled?

M. He was wrapped in the veil of Our Lady that seemed to be one with the Baby Jesus. They are one and with this enriched dress of hers and the very wide veil they formed a unity between them so that at the same time you don’t know where one ends and where the other begins. I think this beauty can only be seen in Heaven.

F.L. Listen Marija, sorry for being peculiar but she is dressed in gold and also her veil is golden.

M. All embroidered; it is much richer than that of every day, even the veil is embroidered and inside is the Baby Jesus.

F.L. Then Our Lady covers her Child with the veil.

Yes, and Baby Jesus also has a little dress because when he raised his hands for the blessing, the sleeves were shown.

F.L. And therefore when on Christmas 2012 the Child Jesus got up and said: “I am your peace, live my commandments”, he had just a little dress, a tunic.

Yes He is dressed even if He is wrapped in His Mother’s veil. He is not naked.

F.L. There, awesome, so He is not swaddled He has a little tunic and Our Lady covers Him with her veil. And listen Marija He is a newborn but does he have hair?

Yes thanks Heaven! He has hair.

F.L. Blond hair?

M. Brown, not quite curly, not definitely black.

F.L. I see, instead our Lady has black hair.

M. Our Lady has black hair that is barely seen because it is covered by a veil. It shows in the back because it’s long and dark and it comes out.

F.L. And listen, has Baby Jesus blue eyes?

M. Yes Baby Jesus has blue eyes.

F.L. And also our Mother has blue eyes?

M. Precisely.

F.L. Therefore He resembles His Mother also in the eyes.

M. Yes Our Lady resembles the Infant Jesus and the Infant Jesus resembles Her and then there is this light of Heaven which gives even more expression to the beauty of Our Lady.

F.L. It is a wonderful thing.

M. Father Livio it is a beautiful thing and every time we feel and see Heaven through this peace and blessing that we receive not only because we see the light that comes with Our Lady and Jesus but also the beauty and the expression of love towards her Son when She gives Him to us.

F.L. But in any case I was struck by the fact that they both gave the blessing. But once Our Lady made a distinction by saying: “I give you my maternal blessing and He gives you His blessing” as if that of the Lord were a divine blessing and that of Our Lady a maternal blessing.

M. It is true but today they gave us a blessing of joy of faith without which Our Lady says you cannot live.

F.L. Listen Marija you are now here in Italy but maybe you know that 50 buses from Ukraine arrived in Medjugorje, so thousands of people came to pray for peace because their countries right now are at risk of war.

M. It is true because I have been in contact with them through the their guides and we’ll leave tomorrow or the day after with God’s help and we’ll soon meet them.

F.L. But for me it is also an invitation for all of us to pray for peace because it is a difficult moment because in this very moment here there is really the danger of war between Russia and Ukraine. There is danger of an invasion and therefore Our Lady said that without peace there is no future and when there is a war that begins it can also destroy the world.

M. Exactly, because peace is a gift that we don’t experience until war begins. I remember when the war in the Balkans began, we experienced its meaning that none of us could imagine. Our Lady arrived with the name of Queen of Peace and on the third day of the apparitions she cried, only when the war began we understood why she introduced herself with that name. Today we see these pilgrims who have arrived and ask for the protection of the “Queen of Peace” because in their land there has been a subtle war for many years where everything is missing; this rich population has become poor above all because they do not have the opportunity to experience peace because peace is also prosperity, even future, but there is not the freedom that Our Lady asked for so many times. On the anniversary of the fortieth year of the apparitions Our Lady asked us to pray together with Her for freedom.

F.L. Yes for peace and freedom, She said.

M. If there is war there is no freedom, there is no truth, there is no blessing, there is no renewal of the people.

F.L. Yes there is no future, without peace you have no future Our Lady said and then She also said without faith you cannot live. In other words, these are the fundamental things. Our Lady recommended us to pray for peace, she recommended faith and prayer these three things. She told us in a special way: peace, faith and prayer.

M. Precisely, because I believe that even in the Italian people if there is no peace there is no blessing. She is telling us that “the fruit of prayer is the joy and faith without which you cannot live,” and also that “without God you have neither future nor eternal life”.

M. Today, Italians have decided not to have children due to Covid and the lack of a protection policy for families. Many times people have complained that there are no work opportunities, there is no future for young families, therefore I invite them to pray as Our Lady said a few years back, consecration to her Immaculate Heart, of our families and of the future of this Nation in order to be enlightened by our Lord to light up our politicians to start a new world of peace, serenity and even prosperity.

F.L. However, Marija, we must remember a great teaching that Our Lady gave when the Bosnian war began. It was July 1991 and She told us how long this war will last will depend on your prayer, in other words, we must truly believe that with prayer we can obtain peace and stop the war.

M. Our Lady said with prayer and fasting you can also drive away certain evil spirits. I see it in many people who have become violent even in the same families: pro vaccine /against vaccine, pro peace/against peace; there is disorder because we do not pray and we do not respect each other because there is a lack of faith and the hope that faith gives. A person who believes, prays, and is cheerful becomes peaceful, docile, a person of peace, of joy. That is why Our Lady is often calling us to become meek people, people of prayer, people who believe in the future.

F.L. Anyhow, the second part of the message is very beautiful, just as you were saying! It is awesome that Our Lady tells us to bring the blessing that Jesus and Mary have given us to families and then with this blessing enrich those we meet so that they feel the grace that we receive. That is, if we really are people of peace and prayer, this is felt by others when they meet us, the kind of peace that also comes from those who carry it and this is such a truly real experience.

M. Our Lady in all these years is really helping us to understand that we are a blessing for others with our life with our example with our behavior.

F.L. Yes that peace is spread in this way and then messages of Our Lady are also spread, That is with one’s own life. Anyway Marija I would like to ask you for your impression:  two years of epidemic have gone by, two years of suffering, and at the same time despondency has spread too, let’s say fear and anguish too. In your opinion in these two years certainly there have been conversions but has the world come closer to God or has it walked further away.

M. To me it depends on whether one has begun to pray and to be a blessing, as Our Lady says. I have been in Medjugorje since the month of May where prayer is intense, so powerful and perhaps because it is a small town we all live like in a big family. People there don’t experience problems related to the pandemic like in Italy. I came back to Italy a few days ago and it is a completely different reality where people think only of consumerism, they are afraid of the pandemic and a large number of people lack faith.

I deeply believe that at this moment a lot will depend on us, certainly also on our fasting, on our behavior, on our attitudes in order to end quickly the pandemic and the war.

I heard from many families who asked me for prayers. I told them to start praying together, to make novenas asking for the protection of St. Joseph, Our Lady and Child Jesus who are living among us. Ultimately they begin to put order in their lives with the achievement of peace, joy and unity as fruit of the graces requested through prayer that works miracles.

F.L. Yes, yes certainly I am very convinced of this. I am also convinced that in these past two years we have not prayed with great confidence despite the fact that Our Lady has told us more than once that prayer works miracles, like miracles in our hearts and in the world within you and around you.

This must be understood. Certainly you have said it well, science which is all the humanly possible discoveries does its part but it is not enough. We need God’s help. Therefore we should be more determined to pray and fast as far as the pandemic concerning. I am very convinced we did not do enough of prayer but now we also run into a real risk war in the world and the weapon, the only one that Our Lady has told us is prayer and fasting; but we don’t believe they are effective, and this is real lack of faith.

M. Yes, I deeply believe that it’s a matter of lack of faith. Therefore we should turn to the Lord, the Infant Jesus in a special way being so innocent so beautiful and making himself so small. Jesus did not bring war nor hunger, he was born in a stable and being innocent was able to draw near Him not only the shepherds, but to his heart all people of good will. And for this I say today we should turn to and ask Him.

M. Once Our Lady told us to bring a flower before the nativity scene and offer it to Jesus together with your heart. Let’s then give our precarious situations of fear, war tension, often even of quarrels! Christmas could turn into a Christmas of hell if we are not carriers of peace, if we are not those who want to create a situation of joy, of unity. The reality is that so many families asked me to pray for them since their Christmas was a nightmare.

M. I remember the first years of apparition Our Lady told me to go from house to house where we had broken off relations with our neighbors, and ask for forgiveness and make peace. At the time they were all farmers and many times they fought over the land, borders and other matters for which families spent many years without talking to each other.

M. So we did it. Today Our Lady and Baby Jesus gave us their blessing and they asked us to be a blessing for others, a treasure for all those we meet.

F.L. Enrich all those with what God gave us.

M. Exactly because God has given us so much and we are poor but with His help we can become rich.

F.L. Marija tomorrow is the feast of the Holy Family so a thought for the families, also an encouragement for young people so that they have the heart to face the mission of the family, to start a family though it seems almost as if they don’t even think about it anymore.

M. In Medjugorie, the bishop decided to increase the number of Holy Masses outdoors and therefore many families come with children, it is such a blessing, thanks also to these people who still believe in the future. Today for example, on Christmas day, I got very sad because at Mass (in Italy) there was only one family with children and the church was with very few faithful. In a special way, I started to pray to Our Lady for all the families I know, families with few children, for all the people who I carry in my heart. Let us ask and pray to the Holy Family that we are going to celebrate tomorrow and many fruits will arrive if we’ll radiate peace, joy and faith.

M. How many Italian people have come to Our Lady and who today are so afraid of dying! I say that in any case we must die either of covid or of a tumor or because of a tile falling from a roof, any type of accident; but how ready we are, how much do we pray, how deep our spiritual life is. When I was a young girl we used to talk with the elderly stating that life and death were in the hands of God and today it seems that everything depends on us, only we are able to protect ourselves. Instead, we must be very careful but above all we must trust in the Lord with our faith, with hope, with prayer, because He is the giver of life and death.

M. I remember some people who told me they prayed to Saint Faustina or other saints for a good death, then it happened that while they were praying the chaplet, the merciful Lord came to meet them.

M. Another memory is that of an elderly priest so in love with Our Lady that he asked her to come and get him, so at the moment of his death the people close to him witnessed a light and a smile and as he was dying he said: “Here she is!”

M. And do you now tell me that Our Lady did not come to meet him, she did not come to get him! For sure we will know this in Heaven.

M. The faith in which they believed, they prayed, they pleaded with prayers and litanies of all the saints.  We have to invoke them because they don’t sleep up in Heaven instead they intercede for us. I often sing my litanies adding names of saints such as for example St. John Paul II asking him to intercede for us and to transmit that joy of life that he had above all with young people. When I remember those moments my heart fills with joy and in that matter we too can be joyful for others, right Father Livio?

F.L. Yes. Yes however you said it very well. Our people, and Europe in general, has lost faith, this is the big problem. There are small minorities who believe, there are people who believe on a personal level, there are people who do get converted, but the general spirit is that of disbelief and a very atheist vision of life. And this way of thinking that with death all ends; this is the real pandemic Marija, this is the real pandemic that is killing us and we must react to it.

M. To my opinion this pandemic can be an opportunity to keep on praying and fighting without fear. I had a bad reaction when wishing “Merry Christmas” to a person I met. He simply replied “Greetings”. I would have liked to raise my hands and reprimand him because “best wishes” are made for the new year that is about to arrive, for example, but not for the Holy Christmas, right Father Livio?

F.L. That’s for sure, evidently Our Lady counts on those who have responded to Her call who are her apostles in order to awaken the faith of people who have a great tradition, however Europeans who have brought the faith all over the world and who now are almost in the great minority, have lost it. But at the same time, as you said it, Our Lady is preparing the New Times and therefore we must be Her helping hands.

Certainly. Thanks Marija for this glance of hope for the future that Our Lady told us to be witnesses of. I also recommend you all our great radio Maria family who is praying a lot for peace in these days. As we said, because Christmas is the day of peace, actually the world needs peace and hence also intercede for the sick, for all those who turn to Our Lady through you visionaries, your very useful prayer for us.

M. Our Lady chose us for this and the Lord uses us. We have often said that we are useless instruments, so let us pray not only for Radio Maria but for the whole world and for peace. Today during the apparition I also asked Our Lady for peace in the world through Her Son Jesus who was present, I also asked for prosperity, prayers for the sick, for all those who are in suffering. Their offerings are not in vain because while the Lord gives them the strength to bear their pain at the same time they help the Souls in Purgatory. Many people including their families through these sufferings come close to God without which, they told me, they would never have come to Medjugirie. I remember a sick woman who, coming to Medjugorie, asked for healing (not for herself) but for somebody else and, in the end she was healed: awesome!

F.L. Sure. Yes, so thanks Marija for reminding us of prayer and let’s finish with the Magnificat to thank our Lord for this beautiful day that He has given us.





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