Our Lady has asked us in her messages to give the gifts we’ve received from her in Medjugorje to others with love and not to keep them for ourselves (May 8, 1986)…  Mary TV’s testimony page offers you an opportunity….

Mother Mary thank you For interceding on my behalf to your son Jesus my prayers were heard from my job for my salary I never would’ve received this if it wasn’t for the blessings from our Lord Jesus amen

Penny Brand    USA   

Thank you Mary, Jesus and all the Saints for answering my prayer for the job at EHP. So many people have been praying on my behalf for this position and salary thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer thank you Mary interceding thank you to all of the Saints have been praying for me I would not of received this job offer if it had not been for you. I love you amen

Penny    USA   

One of my requests to Our Lady was to pray for a friend in NSW who had to flee her home with her husband because of catastrophic fires. Thanks to Our Blessed Mother both she and her husband returned home unscathed. Please continue to protect them as the fires still continue to burn.

Lydia    Canada   

I asked for prayer for my mother and two sisters. My mom is suffering greatly due to pancreatic cancer and my sisters are exhausted with all the care she requires. I simply asked for a good night sleep for all three and they all slept soundly through the night. This doesn’t happen lately. I’m very grateful for the prayers!

Mari    Pennsylvania   

Pray That My Home Life Health Will Be Blessed By The Lord That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Practice Charity Forgiveness Love To The People Around Me More People Praying The Rosary All My Priest Friends For The Holy Father That I Will Call Upon The Name Of Mary Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools

Joseph    Lynwood, California   

My prayer was answered I was offered a job just wanting to hear about salary. Thank you Jesus and Mary

Penny Brand    Arizona   

Thanks for your prayers , & thanks to God, and for Our Lady's intercession. Oct. 4th, I requested prayer for my 38 yr old son
who had lost a 2nd job. One week later he found another job. I pray that this job be stable. Thank you O God for your ''outrageous" mercy.
I pray that my son will soon 'realize' God's hand in his life.

Audrey    Calgary   

Further to my prayer submission on 30/09 and my first testimony on 02/10, I would like to thank God, Mary and you for the second part of my prayer about my father's health problems will get sorted one way or another and I just found out that the consultants are now pushing to get it sorted. Thanks be to God.

Ann-Marie    United Kingdom   

Only today I found: "Did you know?" section in Mary TV page, it is very interesting and important, also very rapid, thanks!

Cristina    Portugal   

I submitted my prayer on 30/09 and already part of it has been answered - 02/10 my daughter has got a job. Thank you to all of you who prayed for my family and myself, it has given me so much hope that the rest of my prayer will be answered when God's wills it to be. May God Bless you all.

Ann-Marie Jordan    United Kingdom