Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Need Help getting employmentAnonymous111-12-2018
I pray through the intercession of Mary our Mother That I am able to get work, that I do not allow my own fears block me, That this week I find a solution's to my problems with getting work and or keeping a job when I do get one. I pray for freedom from whatever sin or spirit that has me in bound
My neighbor Patrica needs prayers Diana Sclafani311-11-2018
In ICU prayers for her soul
Partner for my daughter Anonymous211-11-2018
I am asking that my daughter may meet bsomeone to share her life with and be. Happy. Thank you.
Pigrimage Joan Fisher211-11-2018
For strength and organized journey to St Mother Teresa.
DannyUrsula O\'Toole211-11-2018
Danny who is physically and mentally disabled has a detached retina and his surgeon will not do surgery or explain why. He has not got money to go elsewhere and wants answers but no one is helping him and he and Kathleen, his Carer and sister, are very distressed. Pray another surgeon can be found.
that the angels help us to see and understand our relationship as god jesus mary are seeing it and protection of that in the time between our interactions with each other...
obrátenie a oslobodenie sa od zléhoAnonymous311-10-2018
Please turn my husband Paul and heal him of addictions, heal the siblings of Martin and Victoria.
Conversions for my children Anonymous311-10-2018
I ask Our Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Sacred Heart of Jesus for the conversion of my children and grandchildren. May they come to know the joy of Our Lord’s and Our Blessed Mother’s love .
Pray for return of kidnapped 13-year old NC girlAnonymous311-09-2018
Please pray for the return of Hania Noelia Aguilar, the 13-year old girl who was kidnapped from her front yard as she was waiting for her ride to school in Lumberton NC Monday morning Nov. 5. Dear merciful Mother Mary, we need your divine aid!
For Alex & JenAnonymous211-09-2018
A young friend has asked for prayers for his girlfriend and a very difficult conversation they will have tonight. Please pray with me for them. Thank you! Come, Holy Spirit, with your grace and healing! Amen!
we ask for mercy and divine help to stop evictionJoyce k211-09-2018
Dear Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother: We ask for divine protection NO eviction, NO conditional order and all false accusations and false witnessing be stopped at hearing. We urgently ask doctors to help us. Through Jesus I ask. Amen. Joyce
Find a jobAnonymous411-08-2018
I request prayers for me find a suitable job soon. For this I am grateful
Going homeAnonymous411-08-2018
Praise be Jesus!! Heaven and all angels please ask Mary and Jesus I get a travel day home tomorrow from work Ive been gone all week I just wish to get a travel day home tomorrow I ask in the name of Jesus this prayer be heard and all the other peoples prayers be answered as well thank you amen
Amelia Wright, 6 months oldMolly Fulwiler-Missall611-07-2018
Please pray for this precious baby girl being rushed to the hospital.
Help for grandsonAnonymous411-07-2018
Gabriel does not remember things that he does, he has been diagnosed with ADHD.He is constantly wanting to have his way, if he does not, he throws huge tantrums, and threatens to kill himself. He says he is no good. His parents don't know what to do with him.Dear Mother help my family esp, Gabe.
Guidance and Strength for Phyllis, Diane, and VeraAnonymous311-07-2018
My friends have sons who are older and should be working and living a life on their own. They are not and are living with their mothers and are totally dependent on their mothers. I pray that our Blessed Mother will intervene and show them how she loved her son, Jesus, but still showed him to live.
Sale of flatAnonymous311-07-2018
Sale of flat
Debit cancellationNavin Dsouza311-07-2018
Mother Mary Pray for me for my poor financial situation and Debit burden
prayersNancy Collins311-07-2018
please pray for my daughter getting marred and for husbands to be for happiness and love and for peace of mind for me and my husband and family
Heal jayAnonymous311-06-2018
Blessed mother please pray for healing over jayelle from scoliosis, straigthen her spine and permanently decrease her curve.pray that she will never need surgury and may she live a pain free life.give her physical and mental strength,wisdom knowledge and understanding.pray for her please blessed mom