Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
For my familyBonnie Laino403-14-2019
Please pray for the Laino family, especially those that ned it the most, Paul, J, Laino, jr, Paul Anthony Laino, Kim Gentiloumo,
17 year old girl shot herself at school in Floridadiana Sclafani403-14-2019
17 year old girl shot herself at school in Florida, died. Pray for her soul, her family , students , families , faculty, staff
Tim is having back surgery todaydiana sclafani403-14-2019
Tim is having back surgery today
My FamilyLourdes Fordham703-13-2019
Please pray for my son / daughter in law to conceive, they are desperate. For my son Jeremy to get employed and freed from his addiction. For my daughter to meet her spouse so that she settles. For all those desiring the same. Thank you for praying for my petitions. Praise be the Holy Family xxx
Meeting BossResmi Jason503-13-2019
O Heavenly Father, I pray for Thy intentions regarding my meeting with my employer Jason Allen Alexander so that he pays me salary. Amen.
6 childrenYuli Estrada503-13-2019
Please pray for my 6 children that they are never separated from Jesus and mother of God.
Please pray to Our Mother to Restore my elbow and right handDavid Duhamel503-13-2019
Please pray for me-I had elbow surgery and it has left me with no feeling in my 4th and 5th fingers of my right(dominant)hand. The elbow is locked at 45% and won't move- I need surgery now but am too sick to have it-I can't eat without being sick need a miracle from Our Lady NOW Mary Save my life!
My brother lives with his girlfriend who confesses atheism. He is also estranged from God. I ask for the conversion of my whole family especially for their conversions and my cousins who are in similar situations and for God to give me the wisdom to lead them to the Father, Thank you for your
DEAR BLESSED VIRGIN MARYA Posse-Ricaurte603-13-2019
prayers for safe pregnancysony motwani1003-12-2019
pls pls pray for the safe pregnancy of my daughter shweta. she has suffered a miscarraige before. pls pray for the safety , protection and well being of the unborn baby. pls keep shweta in your daily prayers.thankyou.
Urgently prayChristine Fernandes603-12-2019
Today my husband Silroy annual day and I can't find the new black pant please pray I find the brand new black pant by 3 afternoon today
Family Healing Anonymous1303-11-2019
Prayers needed for father of family with alcoholic addiction. seven children
my sonChristine Patterson1003-11-2019
Please pray for Joseph....
Gayle surgery today 11:00 am 3/11/19diana sclafani803-11-2019
Prayer request for Gayle to have a successful surgery and recovery
Final perseveranceGerard McGoldrick703-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace! Queen of peace, I bless you! Please enable me to be used on Earth in the service of God. I offer to Him, through You, the small work of "Mercy House", which I have begun with my friends David and Avril. Bless us three and obtain for us, each, the grace of final perseverance.
River of lifeGerard McGoldrick1003-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace be with you! My brother, Adam, and his wife, Jen, are unable to have children. Please bless their union and enable them to be caused to come to the river of life, each in their own way. May they both be faithful till death.
Thank-you!Gerard McGoldrick703-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace be with you! I thank God for making me aware of your appearances at Medjugorge all those years ago and for the inestimable gift of your own faithfulness - to Our Father, to Your Son and to Your Spouse, and to Your role as Mother of the Church and Spouse of St. Joseph.
Daily MassGerard McGoldrick703-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace be with you! As you know, I have been attending daily Mass in the Sydney CBD for many years. Please enable this situation to continue until my last day, hopefully in my nineties. May God suffer me never to become infirm or senile.
ReturnGerard McGoldrick803-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace be with you! My family has fallen away. Colette, Gabrielle, Sarah, Daniel, their spouses and children. Please call them back and enable them to respond joyfully, willingly, gratefully.
HealingGerard McGoldrick1303-10-2019
Dearest Mother, Peace be with you! As you well know, I am quite ill. Please remember how gladly and joyfully I received your messages all those years ago. I am now in great need. I urgently require healing - of my diabetes, of my schizophrenia and of my brain injury. Thank-you.