Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
marriageandrew woods807-15-2018
I have difficulties in my relationship which I find difficult to reconcile.It is a very long standing problem and would like to place it before the healing heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary,Gospa who helps me so much.iI place this big problem before Jesus and Mary knowing that I am not strong enough
Dear Lord and Mary, please bring the gift of Faith to our families and friends and forgive our trespasses. I pray that Max is in Heaven and that his family on Earth find Peace and Love in their lives. I pray for my mental health and to find a job where I am respected, and to do the Lord´s Will
I want to walk againAnonymous907-15-2018
I will visit the prayer house in Achill tomorrow on its 25th anniversary. I am looking for complete healing from multiple sclerosis. Please pray that tomorrow will help me greatly and that I will walk again. Thanks
For a friend’s futureAnonymous407-15-2018
For a friend and her financial situation and justice surrounding it
1. Healthy, normal baby for my pregnant daughter who has received negative prognosis 2. Healing the marriage of Curt and Lisa
Please pray for a miracleAnonymous907-14-2018
Please pray for Zoe, a Grade 8 girl. She participated in a school skiing activity and had a terrible accident. She twisted her spine so severely that she needs a miracle to walk and to sit properly again. May God bless those who pray for her.
For Employment Anonymous407-13-2018
Seeking a stable and suitable job soon as presently unemployed for one year and loosing hope.Badily in need of valuable prayers
A safe delivery for my daughterAnonymous1107-12-2018
My daughter Marie will give birth to a baby girl soon. Please pray that she will have a safe delivery, and that she and her husband Whalen will return to the Catholic faith. Please also pray that my soon-to-be-born granddaughter will be loyal to the Catholic faith throughout her life.
Health and HopeAnonymous807-12-2018
For son M. and mother C.
I need your prayers Anonymous1207-12-2018
For my husband who is drinking more and more. He becomes verbally abusive. Nothing has helped. Please pray he stops drinking. Please. God bless you!
Please pray for their soulsAnonymous907-11-2018
My friend's husband Andrew Chiu passed away recently. Another friend's mom Maria Chow also passed away recently. Please pray for their souls to be well taken care of by the merciful Lord.
Needs prayers!Valjean Albright 1107-11-2018
For Dennis and his wife Dolores. She is very ill with Alzheimer’s and he needs more help. Please pray for them! God bless you!
Please PrayMyriam Albright 1007-11-2018
I beg you to pray for my husband who is going through so much, for a deeper conversion and courage in proclaiming his faith in Jesus and to grow in love of Our Lady. Please for conversion of my children, especially that Joseph would stop drinking. A health concern for myself. God bless!
College admission Anonymous807-11-2018
Reuben francis to get admission in Macquarie university or university of sydney Australia for Mtech in computer science in Sept 2018 thru scholarship as we have financial difficulties ..the company NOT to call him during admission time..for good health and spiritual growth.
conversionpachita Janson1007-11-2018
For the conversion of my entire family, but specially for my sister Brittie Perez and her 3 daughters.
Help Me Keep My ChildrenGreg Stone1307-08-2018
Colorado Department of Human Services and the State of Colorado is the guardian of my children. I, their father, have custody of them. Their names are Brianna and Matthew. They have a good home with me and they both love me and each other very much. Please pray for us that we can stay together.
Promotion and IncrementAnonymous907-08-2018
please pray for Lalit so that he gets the much awaited promotion and salary hike.please pray for the conversion of his boss Mr.Shrikant,so that Lalit finds favor in his eyes.pray for Lalit's good health and prosperity.thank you.
Thai cave rescueAnonymous1207-08-2018
I have listened and read the news and one story that is close to my heart among many is the 12 children and coach in Thailand that have been stuck in the cave. There has been one casualty (RIP) but I would like prayers for these 12 children, the coach and everyone involved in the rescue, Thank you
Clear Out DebtsTUSHAR RATHOD1107-08-2018
Please pray for TUSHAR JAGANNATH RATHOD's financial situation urgently need money so much debts upon him,begging for him plz pray fervently.
An unborn baby is struggling for life!Anonymous1607-06-2018
The baby's mother decided she didn't want the abortion after she had taken the pill and so she got help from the Aid to Women Center to reverse the abortion. Our Lady of Medjugorje, please pray that the little unborn baby will be protected and live.