Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Barbara's Urgent PrayersAnonymous109-22-2019
Please give me the grace to be respectful to myself, before I can respect anybody else with matters of the heart. I need forgiveness and I will never repeat it ever again in my life. This man needs to accept my illness of Fibromyalgia.
healing of mind and body Rose mc-guckin209-22-2019
Please pray for me that the bad insomnia that is destroying my health and even with my family members.I have no where else to go thankyou 7
Pray for my family conversion and mineAnonymous209-22-2019
Dear Mother I love you and I know that you are close to me even if I cannot fully reach you . I know I forgot about you for awhile and that hurt your blessed heart, I m sorry for that. Thank you for calling me back to you so I can show you to my daughters and husband. Help us to come to you. Amen
For Healing and Protection of my familyAnonymous209-22-2019
Please pray for healing for me and my family from the family disease of alcoholism and that my husband and children will love to pray the Rosary as a family and would be able to go to Medjugorje one day and that we will all completely trust in God and surrender to His Will for us.
Husband is sickAnonymous809-21-2019
Hi Lord our God & the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Jesus' name i pray for my husband Paul to get better. He has a very bad infection in his tummy that is paining him & discomforting him too. The doctors can't do anymore for him Plz heal my husband Paul and to get hospital to hurry up with appointments
Sick personLorretta Procter409-21-2019
Please pray for my husband, a faithful, unselfish Catholic that his blood pressure will stabilise without needing hospital intervention.
Small cell colon and lymph node cancerRose Carrabine409-21-2019
Please pray for my healing. Dearest Mother, intercede with your Divine Son that He may consider me worthy of His healing. I trust in you, dearest Mother, and I trust in Jesus. Thank you.
For complete spiritual and physical healing so I can care for my family and do God's will. Amen.
Grata ThunbergPollie Milligan409-20-2019
Let us implore Our Mother Mary\'s protection over this vunverable young girl ......
A Prayer For My Friend JacintaAnonymous1109-20-2019
Please spare a thought and say a prayer for my friend Jacinta, who is the kindest person that I have ever been blessed to meet. Love makes our friends a little dearer. Joy makes our hearts a little lighter. Faith makes our paths a little clearer. Hope makes our lives a little brighter.
Please pray Our Lady intercede with dear Jesus, Father, Spirit for complete healing/health in body, mind, spirit, soul for M & J. For forgiveness, strength, faith, hope, wisdom, courage. For new home for M that meets all needs. Praise and thanksgiving to God and Our Lady.
My MotherAnonymous709-20-2019
Oh Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God please intercede for me and pray for healing for my Mom. Amen
VictorVictor Duarte909-19-2019
Blessed Mother Please take care of Victor, Robert, Lorna, Bryan, Pat and Cesar. Thank you
For my children and grandchildrenAnonymous609-19-2019
For my son Tomasz for his conversion and health for his daughters and grandchildren and for Joanna to find friends
Thanking YouAnonymous409-19-2019
Holy God and Holy Mary, thank you for giving Brendan and I the best wedding and for guiding us and protecting us on the day and from that day forward. Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts xx love Avril and Brendan
please pray, importantAnonymous609-19-2019
Please pray for a young man who is in great danger of being sent back to his home country where he is in great danger of being killed. Pray for me, and my former current and future family - healing
Please Pray For RimaAnonymous409-19-2019
Mother of god, please pray for my aunt, who is in desperate need of your son's healing. Please accept this request from me, a sinner.
our sonAnonymous409-19-2019
Joseph needs a great job immediately that he really likes, with good, holy people to work with. Thank you!
WifeChinh Arima609-18-2019
Mother Mary, please bless and pray for my husband to cure of his illness. His diabetes has deteriorated his body and brain.
please pray for my auntAnonymous409-18-2019
my aunt is like my mother and she has a very weird disease, today shes on life support and we dont know if she will make it, i just want God and the Virgin Mary to do whats going to be best for her. I dont want her to suffer. Of course I want her to make it alive and I pray for tha.