Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer for workGraham Phimister205-19-2019
Please pray that the hearing for my current job are open to the truth and that their decision is just. Please also pray that I may find another job that is worthy of God's need. Amen
Please heal all of me and whatever is going on that the doc is not aware of. Please heal my family.
Spenser's Conversion JourneyAnonymous205-19-2019
Please include Spenser J. From Raleigh, NC in your prayers. On Divine Mercy Sunday weekend he chose to return to Confession after 15 years and his first confession - Praise Jesus ! Together we attended Divine Mercy Mass. He is trying to continue going to Mass with me. Please pray for him.
for healing of body and soul Anonymous305-18-2019
Please pray Mary our Mother to heal my friend's son who is very sick
Sweden Request For PrayersAnonymous505-18-2019
Please pray for Lillian and Leif Ljungdal who are both elderly, in the hospital and in need of Jesus' Most Sacred Heart and His Divine Mercy. Please say a prayer for them.
RAINTeresa Bitz305-17-2019
Dear Blessed Mother send out whole province a general rain soon and some warm weather. The crops are not able to grow in this weather pattern. Please change it soon.
child needs help to pass subjectAnonymous305-17-2019
Dear Our Lady ,please intercede for my child that he may have the gift of knowledge to be able to pass his math subject .Thank you dear mother.
To be married with God's blessingAnonymous405-17-2019
My son and his partner April of several years have got engaged. I pray that when they get married, they will do so with a blessing from God. My son hasn't been to church for a long time but is a loving caring son I am not sure if April has been part of a church in the past..
For healingFischer Lajos405-16-2019
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Please join to our prayers for healing of Kriszta, a mother and wife.
Prayers pleaseAnonymous405-16-2019
Please pray for direction for work for me & for a small miracle to show me the path to go on. Also for MD who is also in need of a job. For K whose health is improving - so grateful to God & all who have prayed for her. For Matt who needs a special request for tomorrow for his safety. God bless
Russell Williamson1105-15-2019
Dear Queen of Heaven Mother of Jesus please ask and plead before Your Son Jesus to send money now and end my poverty. I am alone in this world and only look to You and The Holy Trinity to take care of me. Ask the Lord please to send money today so I can pay my obligations and take care of needs.
prayers neededtheresa ungasick505-15-2019
please dear Blessed Mother, help Chris discover and follow the mission GOD desires for him.
Pray for Velma jobSherina Donson505-15-2019
Praise the Lord please pray for my daughter velma to get part time job in canada which is suitable to go to church everyday and no job is to be done in Sunday also.
Prayers and Healing for Anna Tod Anonymous705-14-2019
Our Lady of Medugorje Please take Anna into your arms comfort and heal her and give her the strength to get through this . Please be at her side at this very difficult time and always . Please keep this very special lady’s family in you care also . Thank you
HelpDiane Hernandez505-14-2019
Please pray for my co-worker. We work at a college library and he always leaves me and my other co-workers alone to do our job AND his. We all have physical ailments and get so exhausted by the end of the day then still have families to tend to.
Gary father of 7 has cancerDiana Sclafani805-14-2019
Gary father of 7 has cancer , pray for Gary and his beautiful family
Pray for Catholic schools students, families and teachersDiana Sclafani405-14-2019
Pray for Catholic schools students, families and teachers. Catholic schools are closing their doors and families don’t know what to do. Pray for Catholic faith, Mary Come, Mother Come.
Full time, permanent, day jobAnonymous605-14-2019
I request Mother Mary to intercede for me to get a Full time, Permanent, Day job with high salary and 100% benefits. I also pray for my sister who is pregnant and new comer to Canada as an immigrant. She needs your help with getting a job and place to stay for her family. Amen
For my fiancePatrick Wimsatt605-13-2019
That God may continue to develop her spiritual growth and draw her continually closer to him.
help in job interviewAnonymous705-13-2019
Please Mother Mary help my daughter to be successful in her job interview. This job would give much needed financial security to her and her young daughter. Thank you Mary we trust in you.