Marija and Fr. Livio discuss the August 25, 2022 Message

A conversation between Maria and Fr. Livio about the August 25, 2022 Message!

Dear friends, we have live Marjia from Medjugorje, who is about to give us the message of the Queen of Peace today the 25 August 2022.

Hi Marija.

Hello Father Livio! I greet with all my heart all listeners of Radio Maria.
Today, August 25th, Our Lady gave us the following message:
“Dear children! God permits me to be with you and to lead you on the way of peace, so that through personal peace, you build peace in the world. I am with you and intercede for you before my Son Jesus, that He may give you a strong faith and hope in a better future, which I desire to build up with you. You be courageous and do not be afraid, because God is with you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (August 25, 2022)

L. So, Marjia this message of the month of August seems to me that like that of July! Both messages are based precisely on hope and on the optimism of the Faith; they are very encouraging.

M. Yes, just as in her last message, Our Lady is a Woman who is coming to Medjugorje with her own title of “Queen of Peace” and brings us hope by telling us that God has allowed her to be with us and to guide us on the path of Peace.

For many years, through communism, the world has been given till a fake peace in paganism which is going nowhere; while instead Our Lady is building Peace in God. She is with us to guide us on the way of peace and she as our Queen, as our Mother, intercedes before God for us. So, this is a message of hope.

I deeply believe that during all these years without a future, humanity got lost, that’s why Our Lady is here with us to lead us on the right path, a new path and she urges us to be courageous because God is with us.

F.L. I wanted to ask you, Our Lady often says: “God allows me to be with you”, so it is She herself who does the request to God. Sometimes she says, “God sent me” but sometimes it is She who insists on being present for so long. Is it really her request?

Well, Father Livio, I think it’s the opposite. I believe it is not her (and I know Our Lady); I deeply believe that Our Lady is one with God’s will and if He has allowed her to be with us for such a long time it means that therefore it really is God’s Will to help and save this humanity going towards perdition. As she said: “You are building a world without God, return to God!” I think her presence is meant to build a better world.

F.L. According to you Marjia, I don’t know if you can or cannot answer but, I wanted to ask you if Our Lady will do her daily apparitions even during the secrets.

M. No, we don’t know it! Since with Jacob, Ivanka and Mirjana, Our Lady stopped her daily apparitions, it could happen with me as well.

Since our time is not God’s time we don’t realize how long the apparitions really last. For example, sometimes when it seems to me that the apparition lasted an hour, in reality it was only 5 minutes; God works out of time, no need of time tracking! He is our time, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is Eternity and I believe that even when we think of the secrets we have God who is Himself a secret. Our Lady comes to tell us that we must not be afraid that here on earth we are on our way to Heaven and She wants to guide us on the path of Peace.

How many, too many people today have no peace, they are schizophrenic, sick, obsessed, looking for yoga practices, some gymnastics as a means of relaxation.

Our Lady is leading us to this very thing: “Return to God!” She told us many times without God we have no peace and we do not find inner balance.

There, where many times we worry about material things, forgetting the spiritual need of which our soul, body and mind are in need, we must return to prayer and trust, as Our Lady has been doing with us from the very beginning.

F.L. And anyway let’s leave this perspective of the future to God, which seems the best thing to do. I wanted to tell you Marjia that I see that Our Lady involves us very personally. In the July message she had told us that we are able to bring people closer to his Son through our lives and now she says more or less the same thing by saying that it is through our personal peace that we can truly build peace in the world, that is, however, our personal commitment is always required.

Yes, yes, because Our Lady wants this personal commitment of the encounter with God and if I commit myself to meet Him I begin willingly and with joy to accept His project as a gift which is part of this great project for all humanity. As in one of her messages she told us that: “I want to offer you as a big bouquet to my Son Jesus” so I am beginning to think that each one of us is different and our richness is to be found in our unique variety of colors that we also find in heart-shaped flowers or sunflowers for example.

This is why Our Lady is inviting us to seek peace, the peace that comes from God directed into the heart of man. When we have found it, we will begin to be a sign to others who will say: “But you are so joyful, you have peace in your heart, but what have you done?” At that point we’ll become peacemakers.

F.L. Marjia, I wanted to refer to the experience you had on the 26th I think or the 25th of June 1981 when you got the message of Peace. However, Our Lady specified that first of all we must make peace with God, be reconciled with God, then we thus can be bearers of peace also among men; our peace with God is therefore the first step to take.

Exactly, first comes personal conversion by making peace with God, returning to God. Our Lady very clearly says to abandon sin and begin the path of holiness through one good confession and as you know Medjugorje was officially declared the biggest confessional of the world where people, and we see it every day, begin a new life with God leaving behind a negative past, lived in sin.

It happens in Medjugorje, as in no other part of the world, that many people commit themselves by writing letters to Our Lady telling her that they want to start a new life, and after arrogance, overbearance, self-praise, a sensitivity of their heart begins and leads the person himself to yearn to embrace holiness, conversion, prayer, living the Holy Mass, the sacraments and in a very concrete way therefore the soul becomes more sensitive toward others as well.

F.L. Of course Marjia, we have always heard from you right from the very beginning that Our Lady is here as Queen of Peace and that through the tribulations of the present moment and also of the future times, she will nevertheless be able to bring the world towards a time of peace. How do you describe this time of peace in which Our Lady wants to take us.

We see it through this message: “God permits me to be with you and to lead you on the way of peace, so that through personal peace, you build peace in the world.” To me this is a plan of God that allows her to stay with us and guide us to Paradise, where in order to be peace makers there must be no war or disorder, discord and arrogance.

I remember when the war in Ukraine started, we felt the need to do something concrete in addition to prayer to be able to stop it. Even today, like every day, we continue to pray for peace because we know that man cannot reach it alone since it is a gift of God that we receive in our heart. Without God we will arm ourselves increasingly and selfishness and arrogance will not only physically and spiritually destroy us but also the history of a whole population is canceled through the pulling down of museums, schools…

There is no longer even respect for the dead and man has become more like a beast, and this is terrible. For this it is that I believe Our Lady has been here for so long to guide us to become more sensitive people, loving God above all things and their neighbor as themselves.

F.L. And in any case, for there to be peace in the world, at least the majority of men around the world must convert, otherwise there could not be.

Exactly and Our Lady is with us to guide us.

F.L. Do you think that many will convert?

M. I see many people who have returned to God, not yet enough, but Our Lady is like a drop after another drop that pierces the stone and with her Son Jesus is doing a good job for us, inside our hearts and with many faithful she calls to herself. This we see through the sensitivity of so many converted hearts who desire to do good. This is the most impressive thing.

F.L. Of course, of course! However, it’s a very long job Marjia, it will take many decades, many years for this change of hearts to take place or will it be a particular moment???….

I think that it’s showing already right now, for example, during the youth festival how many people have shown the beauty of their faith before the Blessed Sacrament, in not wanting to leave it. This has also happened to me, the fact that I also didn’t want to leave nor move away even if I felt thirsty and hungry, but nothing mattered; the important thing was to stay there.

In the evening there was a moment when some lights were coming from the altar and not only illuminated my face but also touched my heart as they arrived through the hands of the priest thinking of Jesus. Many other things we have seen and take as signs of the Lord who is also helping us to better understand the beauty of our faith.

F.L. Yes, however, in the end we must always get to the point that is to say that God could not give us a greater gift than the daily presence of Our Lady

M. Exactly, I agree with you Father Livio, because as Our Lady tells us God has allowed her to be among us! This can be considered one of the greatest gifts that the Lord has been able to grant to this poor lost humanity. We have no idea how many prayer groups are in the world, how many people and how many hearts that were touched by the presence of Our Lady and her messages! This itself is an incredible miracle.

F.L. And we must say that even in the West it seems that in part or in good part there is a world without God; but in reality there are minorities of believers who are growing everywhere; we see this not only there in Medjugorje but that is, Our Lady has sown and now the shoots are growing.

M. There is a forest that is silently growing, through the constant prayer, for the love for God and this is why I am saying that we mustn’t be so negative. This is also what our Lady is telling us tonight: God is with us, she is with us, what are we afraid of? We ought not to be afraid!

F.L. Yes, yes we could not have had a greater gift together with the Eucharist to have the gift of Our Lady. They both are such an invincible power.

M. Thank Heaven, thank Heaven. It is exactly like that because I deeply believe that each and every day we are starting to realize the greatness of the gift that Our Lord has left us also through his life, death and resurrection that we are not aware of yet.

In these last centuries we have seen many apparitions, Our Lady of Guadalupe comes to my mind, this continuous sign of her presence imbued in this cloth it moves my heart as in so many other situations in our church here in Medjugorje where the Lord leaves us powerful and permanent signs! Who could have ever imagined that Our Lady would come and stay with us for such a long time. We have become adults together with her and She is not leaving us, she guides us, she gives us hope, she is the one who is showing us the light for our journey.

F.L. As you told me before, I came to this conclusion that during these past two or three years, due to the lack of presence of faithful because of covid, there is now a significant presence back there in Medjugorje which really is an extraordinary flowering! Like a new and an eternal spring coming back, that is, time passes but Medjugorje is increasingly alive.

M. And not only that Father Livio. I also think of the people who return to Medjugorje where they’ve previously met one big family! Yes Our Lady’s family is so powerful; it doesn’t matter if it’s Our Lady of Lourdes or Fatima, Guadalupe or elsewhere, but She is our Mother, our Queen and we are all there, under her Mantle we feel safe.

I think each of us feels really proud to be one of her children. Today a lady showed me this chain she wears on her wrist as a symbol of servitude and belonging to our Lady and it is like that for many people who in their own little ways are dedicated and open to a plan she has over each one of us.

On Apparition Hill there is a group that is reciting the “thousand Hail Marys” as a sign of thanking our Mother while the adoration and prayers will continue throughout the night in our parish. They are the invisible souls as I already mentioned, this forest which is reinvigorating itself in the silence and the awareness that we are “Our Lady’s extended hands”. This is nice because even while we sleep there is someone who prays, adores, loves Jesus above all things; this is the hope for the future.

We also have to understand that Our Lady has called us to become the apostles of her love and this must be for us a reason for holy pride but also working for Our Lady which becomes the real meaning of our life because we understand the importance of her plan.

Yes, and we feel important because she is talking to us as we are her own and God’s children. This is the thing that gives us joy. With this I would also like to say that as often as we feel we are God’s children, we don’t have to fear neither the coming secrets nor the future’s events nor the evil because God is with us.

M. There are prayer groups, Father Livio there are prayer groups.

F.L. Therefore, I wanted to tell you Marjia how can we go against the mainstream and be strong in the faith?

M. When Our Lady asked since the beginning to form prayer groups and to help each other like those droplets that turn into a great sea, I believe that the real help is precisely this. I see those groups supporting one another especially when they are in difficulty, for example if one loses his job then they are a real helping hand. This is why I don’t give so much importance to negative facts.

We must live our life in a favorable way with our hope as believers in one God who is not only dead but also Risen, Risen for each of us.

F.L. Marjia, you said something very important, because in today’s world many persons feel a little lonely and unfortunately the parish does not always manage to fulfill the needs of the community. It is very important that even Marian Christians, just as you said it well, through prayer groups, family meetings and initiatives, help each other because it is much more difficult to move forward if you are alone.

M. But I noticed that the “Pilgrim Madonna” as they call it, in other words the statue of our Lady that goes from house to house as a way to a real commitment into the return to prayer which is the same concept as how Radio Maria was born through volunteers who started to call and invite people to go back to parishes.

When I was little, communism was also well organized. They communicated through some of their representatives and it worked very well. Same concept for the prayer groups. I notice that they are helping each other by getting to know people better, besides praying together and little by little the confidence and each person’s problem comes out for whom friendship and brotherhood is built.

F.L. This is how we help each other in doing good.

So we become exactly what Our Lady says: “my extended hands out in this world”. Even if we are elderly, our life has a meaning, becoming a living prayer that has no walls or limits even from our own bed, if we are sick, it has a whole meaning and the fruits arrive where they are most needed. For our young people, the elderly, the sick, for those in hospital, for the desperate, we have so many intentions that we could pray day and night and I say that it is by praying that we learn how to pray.

F.L. Of course. Marjia, so you saw our Lady tonight (laugh from Marjia who says: (“exactly Our Lady of Hope, we are desperate but She is our Lady of hope”), (Father Livio also laughs with her), so tell us was she worried, was she serene, how was she tonight?

M. She was beautiful because she came bringing the Light from Heaven and when I looked at her I melted and I seemed to fade away because her presence is always a great joy. A wave, a breath of Heaven! We can only say thanks to God.

F.L. Tell us, when she comes what does she say: “Praise Jesus Christ”?

M. Always, and we reply: “May Jesus and Mary always be praised.” And she smiles.

F.L. (Father Livio smiles) As always did you ask her for the message?.

M. As always

F.L. What did you tell her?

M. As always, if she has a message that we are here to hear it.

F.L. Marjia when you present the prayer intentions before or during the visit, how does Our Lady listen to you?

M. She listens, looks at us not only at me but also at those present, many times she prays over us, sometimes she answers our questions.

F.L. But does she also look at the little notes you put in the basket?

M. They are there, surely she looks at them, she doesn’t start reading them but she looks at them, we talk to her about them.

F.L. Can she keep everything in her mind?

M. Yes, yes! Our Lady, as in Cana of Galilee, when she saw that there was no wine she said: “Do whatever he tells you.” She is very attentive to each of us and nothing escapes her eyes, which is why I believe that God has done a great job by sending her among us.

F.L. Once you told me that when you talk to Our Lady, She listens to you with her heart.

M. Yes she does

F.L. Does she understand you?

M. Not only that, but she also listens and with so much love, with the heart and with a dedication to each of us as if we were only children – like an attentive, warm, loving mother, and when we are with her, even if there are a thousand or a million of us, for her each of us is an only child.

F.L. Well, yesterday I went over an interview you had here on Radio Maria. I would like to ask you the same question again and that is: “Did Our Lady sometimes reprimand you”?

M. Yes, Father Livio! Let’s not go into that!! Let’s end this conversation! (laughter from both of them).

F.L. Do you know that just you saying these things here makes the apparition become present to the listeners who appreciate a lot! In brief you make very alive the person who is Our Lady. Do you remember what Father Slavko said, that the most beautiful message of Our Lady is her very presence.

M. Exactly, Our Lady represents Heaven and we are aware of understanding it, we are unworthy instruments, but we do our best to be able to say: “Lord here we are.” Let us try to be good soldiers who respond with the heart to the invitation that Our Lady is giving us. The most important thing is that people respond with an open heart and embrace her message. Then the Lord does the rest.

F.L. Very well Marjia you said some beautiful things and I thank you very much. I do my job of asking you questions, then what you can answer you do it so well and thank you so much.|

M. However, at this moment I believe that the most wonderful thing is to be united in prayer with humility by listening to what Our Lady tells us, on this journey that has allowed us to fall in love with her and through her who is leading us to her Son Jesus. I wish it for each of you and for this I pray every day.

F.L. Thanks with the heart Marjia and remind us to Our Lady every now and then.

M. With all my heart and I send you a big kiss from Medjugorje from all who are here right now.

F.L. Then let’s end with the prayer. In the name of the Father ….”My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord …Blessings


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