October 25, 2021 – Marija speaks about Our Lady’s Message

Telephone conversation between Father Livio and Màrija Pavlovic – Lunetti

Father Livio: Dear friends we have Màrija live from Medjugorje who is going to tell us the October 25, 2021, message of the Queen of Peace.

Màrija: Hi Father Livio, hello to all radio shipmates!

FL.: How are you doing?

M.: Thank God today is a great sunny day, cool at night but sunny during the day, Medjugorje is calm but at the same time sizzling. Today we had a group of French pilgrims with the archbishop from Paris, and this meant joy for us and an official pilgrimage from the Diocese of Paris with lots of French pilgrims gathered at the altar during Holy Mass. The most important thing is that today even though they put Medjugorje in the red zone, lots of pilgrims are coming as during the “Marian month”; many Croatian families, Spanish speaking families that decided to come anyway even though they put us in “the red zone” because they said we had many Covid cases.

This news was confirmed to be “fake” from a doctor I spoke to that happened to be here with a Latin American group. She told me that there are very few cases, but many with the “influenza” – the winter flu – which is normal for this time of the year where we are exposed to a sudden drop in temperature. I don’t see a reason for this, but anyway even though all this is happening our Mother is still talking to us and still loving us giving us a beautiful message which I will read to you with all my heart.

Then Màrija read the Message in Italian and Croatian as she always does.

(Here is the English: “Dear children! Return to prayer because he who prays is not afraid of the future. He who prays is open to life and respects the lives of others. He who prays, little children, feels the freedom of the children of God and in joy of heart serves the good of his brother-man, because God is love and freedom. Therefore, little children, when they want to put you in bonds and to use you, it is not from God. Because God is love and gives His peace to every creature; and that is why He sent me to you to help you to grow in holiness. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (October 25, 2021) )

FL.: Listen Màrija, the first thing that comes to our mind is the strong call to prayer from our Mother’s message because he who prays is not afraid of the future, prayer opens up to life, makes us feel the freedom of God’s children. I think it highlights the need to live prayer intensely.

M.: Yes, the message is very beautiful and powerful and to me is very significant and concrete especially for our times, our Mother spoke of freedom in the June 25 message and also today she said “(he) who prays is not afraid of the future, (he)who prays is open to life and respects the life of others.” To me nowadays there is not love for life, love toward prayer, that’s why our Mother is telling us to return to prayer because prayer works miracles. We have experienced the numerous fruits of prayer here in Medjugorje even though we are living in a world with no values, abortion, euthanasia, with too many ideologies in men’s heart, suicides, no future! Thence our Lady exhorts us to prayer because he who prays is a positive man, a free man who feels God’s love growing in his own heart. We are open not only to our own life but the life of others from conception to natural death. To me this message is so powerful, so human, it seems that our Mother is saying to us: go back to your origins, to prayer, that way you will have hope for the future. He who doesn’t pray is evil.

FL.: Even this phrase in which she says: “is open to life and respects the life of others” indicates a type of society where men are degraded, they are used, they are not respected as human beings! Abortion and euthanasia are considered part of the many forms of attack on life. Human life seems to have become a lower value compared to things, riches, and so forth.

M.: Yes! We have become slaves, that’s why our Mother says: “Because God is Love and freedom…” as she said in the message. When we have met the God of freedom, the God of love… To me this message is so strange, so powerful because our Lady gave us so many hints on how we have to behave, she tells us that we are put in bonds we are…. how does she say?

FL.:“Therefore, little children, when they want to put you in bonds and to use you, it is not from God”. (The first translation done by Marjia of the word “bonds” was “okove” which is more like chains or shackles)


M.: ….”and to use you”. I don’t know nowadays we have so many “bonds” with the meaning of “chains” like for instance youngsters do not use any more their own words, but they go to the “net” and search immediately instead of using their brain. They are not spontaneous any longer. Bringing flowers, chocolates to your loved one is part of the past, young people no longer have a language, let’s say a spontaneous one, they are much more closed….

FL.: Can we say they are brainwashed? If you are a brainwashed, you are convinced you are free, but you are not.

M.: I would like to say a stronger word: “dumber” because by now without their cellular they do not interact, do not communicate, they no longer have freedom, fascination, they are not able to express their feelings spontaneously, directly from their heart, brain, I don’t even have the right word, I think that our Mother is telling us we are bound to too many things, chained to ideologies, chains that do not come from God.

FL.: Listen Marjia, this “freedom of the children of God” is first of all an inner achievement because we have to get rid of bad things that are inside of us, get rid of wickedness and arrogance and pride which are all part of an inner chain that prevents us from being really free and joyful.

M.: It’s a message very… (I don’t know, I really have to tell you Father Livio that I am not ready to make comments because it’s too powerful.) When our Mother started to tell me “…because God is Love and freedom” when they want to put you in chains, this doesn’t come from God …God loves and gives His peace to every creature” these words are very strong, even the word “use you” refers to how enslaved we are to habits, ideologies, everything that doesn’t come from God, enslaved to materialism, consumerism.

At the beginning of the apparitions, we had communism and I clearly see nowadays in my heart the situation is repeating itself, because they want to shut us down. Today I heard that Italy is preventing pilgrims from coming unless they have to travel because of serious health problems. I suggested to a friend of mine to say that she has an important spiritual health issue because her heart is far from God, and she needs to meet with Him through Our Lady. Many times, we find ourselves in these conditions because men don’t find peace, that’s why she came here as “Queen of Peace”. She is calling us. I can’t say to you come anyway to Medjugorje but be aware of the fact that all this doesn’t come from God, they are imposing upon us ideologies and chaining our minds not to thinking what they want, while our Mother is constantly saying “Return to prayer, return to God”.

FL. : Listen Marjia, I personally think that since our Mother started by saying “he who prays is not afraid of the future”, that when she says “ little children, when they want to put you in chains and to use you, it is not from God…..”, I can even think of a persecution against believers, of those who profess the faith and therefore of a persecution of the Church as it happened with communism.

M.: Yes, but at the same time she says “to serve for the good of his brother-man” in the meaning of the pagan word (man) while the word brother is referred to us Christians. At the same time whoever is far from God cannot live alone. We have to live with others. If I don’t respect, don’t love, don’t live as a Catholic believer who is called to serve. A physician is called to cure a sick person and I as a Catholic am called to serve my neighbor. I deeply believe this message is so powerful and at the same time so intricate. How to say?

FL.: In your opinion Marjia, why does our Lady say: “this doesn’t come from God”. To whom is she addressing her words: who are those who want to put us in chains? We are aware of the fact that in today’s world there are unbelievers, in a world without God in which no one talks about God, maybe this is an invitation toward us to give testimony to God…

M.: I know it, it’s useful to us. Even for me this message is a great lesson because it proves to me how much I am able to see that they are inculcating ideologies in us. When Our Lady says: “Return to prayer because he who prays is not afraid of the future” I say deep down inside me: “I must return to prayer, I must make my choice.” When we pray, we become more and more Christian, more practical, there is no more time for gossiping.

FL: We become even more free….

M.: There is no more time for chatting but for prayer, prayer works miracles, and we believe it! God uses us especially when we pray because man is not just material, it’s his spiritual side that is fading away in this modern world. This is why they put themselves in the place of God. The prayer is: I need you God in each “Hail Mary” – my heart opens up to God’s will and I respect other person’s lives. I help others, my neighbour becomes my brother, I start to feel my real freedom, not the one they are making us believe with the “green pass”, but I am beginning to feel God’s freedom that makes me say: “my life is a gift” and “my life is a gift for others”, a gift God gives me so I can use for making good. I deeply believe God is Love and like our Mother says, He gives us peace that no man is able to give, no therapies, no ideologies, no yoga, meditation etc. Because when it comes from God, we feel it and we who are His creatures will be able to feel His peace. Our Lady tells us: all that doesn’t come from God, give it away, it’s not yours, it’s not good for you.

FL.: Listen Marjia, the most difficult expression in this message is this: “therefore little children when they want to put you in chains” (once again Father Livio used this word) but you said that our Lady used the vocabulary word “bonds” which is not “chains”, even in Croatian. She said it (due to the numerous numbers of months if not years Father Livio, lived with the six seers at the beginning of the apparitions, therefore he learned their language); while the vocabulary word for “chains” is a different one, nevertheless since our Lady in her message in Croatian didn’t use it, a literal version would be: “therefore little children, when they want to put you in bonds and to use you, it is not from God”. So, if the parish meant to be more correct to use the word “chains” to give a stronger significance I think we shall have more respect of our Mother’s word and literally follow what She said, thus I take the responsibility to say and I think it’s right to be precise that our Mother didn’t say the word “chains” (in Croatian) but “bonds”. Will you confirm this to me Marjia that this is correct?

M.: Exactly we have translated with a different vocabulary word to give a more powerful meaning so that it would be the same for the other languages.

This is an invitation to the freedom of the children of God, freedom to prayer and not to be afraid of the future; at the same time our Mother is telling us: God is our peace, at our side, God is Love, God is freedom. When we have experienced all that, she says – we will reach it by becoming a saint – and if we want that, she is willing to help us by leading us in a growing path with the freedom of God’s children. The most beautiful thing that hit me today was our Mother’s words when she said: in our lives, in the future, in sanctity, in freedom, with a joyful heart, just like the joy of all Saints we learned of from reading their lives, giving testimony to others.

I truly believe that today we are called to share all this in the freedom that God is giving us, to grow not only in prayer, not to be afraid because God is with us, thus, we have to open up our own lives to others.

Concluding this very rich and long message I should say I have to change my life by giving testimony and, like you say Father Livio, we are free Christians not slaves of any ideologies or anything but Love of God, immense love for each creature for whom He sent His and our Mother to help us and to free us.

FL.: Listen Marjia, that’s all right but I would like to have from you an exact answer because as you know here we are working with our Mother’s words and I don’t want to absolutely leave in the uncertainty this that is a very important thing, because the fact that one vocabulary word has been changed when in Croatian our Mother didn’t say “chains” (and Father Livio as he speaks he is pronouncing it in Croatian) but bonds, could have a significant impact all over the world. Is it truth that is like this?

M.: It’s true, it’s true Father Livio and we switched it with a more powerful expression in reality bonds could be used for families, in various ways…I wouldn’t even know what to say for the reason why we have chosen such a powerful word…

FL.: Yes, yes, I understand why the word “chains” has been used being a powerful and clearer one to describe this phrase, but at the same time let’s say that “chains” have a savor, a very alarming sound. I didn’t want this message to create different types of alarms. Obviously, Our Lady spoke of Satan’s deceptions, various bonds of Satan with which they certainly keep us tight and in chains, therefore it’s right to say that our Mother in Croatian used the word “bonds” (and again F. Livio is pronouncing it in Marija’s mother tongue). Are you able to confirm to me that what we have said is true?

M.: Yes, I do Yes, I do F. Livio. I therefore would like to add that no matter which word is used, bonds or chains, what is really important is that they don’t lead you to God because like our Mother said: God is Love and freedom and when freedom is missing in all circumstances, it’s not good at all. We all have a great commitment: prayer for freedom from fear of this new coming ideology. With the help of God Who is working for us in every context we are in this modern world where man wants to put himself in place of God. Our Mother is saying to us: “Return to God”.

FL.: Anyhow in this message like in the previous one our Mother tells us she is sent to us by God, in the end in the current one and at the beginning in the last one. At last, She is here to help us to grow in holiness to lead us to a perfect militant lived faith.

M.: For this reason, I strongly believe that today we are called to be the expression of God; if we are not, it means we don’t pray because he who prays is not afraid of the future, Our Lady told us many times not to be afraid of anything, life is a gift a wonderful thing, our life even if short. We are called to express each color of it, our life is rich with thousands of shades, thousands of possibilities, God gave us intelligence, sanctity in our hearts, a sensitivity which comes only from Heaven. When I see Her, I feel that sensitivity from Heaven and we have to be just like Her. I remember when we were younger and over thousands and thousands of messages, we used them, and we always felt that sensitivity. Even now I smell the perfume of Heaven when I see Her, and I feel like screaming to the whole world “Mary is with us”. She is calling us, she is loving us, inviting us to convert, to go back to God, without God there is no future, no eternal life. On one side I feel sorry for so many Christians that live in a dark big bubble without any freshness that comes from God. And, thanks to Him, we feel it here in Medjugorje.

F.L.: Can we say that even in the times we live in, with all constraints there is no one to prevent us from becoming saints.

M.: Exactly, exactly, but also to express our sanctity through our life and deeds. Nowadays, thanks to God we have so many possibilities to do good works for others we can do it even through a small gesture, let’s do it with a smile.

FL.: There is no one to prevent us from becoming saints, to convert us in a few days, few hours as long as we kneel down before the Cross.

M.: Exactly but this is even harder, it’s already a walk. I think that if we are sad, we should start praying because he who prays is a profoundly positive man, a joyful man. I think in this way, since we are tied up with the Covid matter for instance, next Saturday here in Medjugorje we are going to start a sort of catechesis, let’s call it a Congress, in Chinese language, where we will testify like we did in Spanish, in German etc. hopefully we’ll reach many hearts to become fruits of Medjugorje. I can’t help watching how wonderful this life-change has been for so many. It gives me an immense joy because I am not alone, and I see so many people in whom conversion doesn’t just happen for three days but takes a lifetime. It’s not perfect, and it makes us aware of the fact that we always have to work on it…. This is what I also say to pagans, to people far away from God and he who has not found the Love of God yet…

FL.: It’s true, it’s true and anyhow the atomic weapon we have in our hands is prayer and that is the truth, prayer works miracles in people’s hearts, throughout the world we have to understand this.

M.: Exactly because our Lord touches each heart. I remember once when I asked Our Lady to heal a person and she answered me: Pray, for the length of your prayer you will be answered if you pray like this: we pray, we open our hearts and she intercedes before God, because she will do just as she did at Cana by saying: “They have no wine”. By prayer we become a healing channel, a great joy!

We just experienced the last few days, a man was diagnosed with an irreversible cancer in his head; in this case he claimed: “Our Holy Mother healed me” and “I was dead, now I am a new person”. He came to Medjugorje and received a miracle! The joy and transformation of his life is something really important for all of us. It’s tempting to ask him: which prayer did you say, which recipe did you use, to whom did you go? Knowing that the Lord through our prayers, heals and fills us with all kinds of gifts, frees us from evil. The merciful God of peace!… All this brings a great joy to my heart!

F.L.: All right Marjia, this message is extremely difficult, but you were wonderful, good work Màrija!

M.: I am still in a crisis because I keep on saying to myself: it’s never enough, I have to do more. We have just now passed the fortieth year of apparitions and with great gratitude we are not asking any longer “why me” but responding with our lives and our speeches. Sometimes I wonder if the words I say may touch somebody’s heart and I hope today I was able to help someone to get closer to Her Immaculate Heart.

FL. Thank you Marjia and let’s finish with our prayer

(they always pray the Magnificat together with all shipmates before F. Livio’s blessings.)

Translated (with the permission of Radio Maria) by Marina Massa, a Mary TV shipmate!

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