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July 9, 2019

Dear Family of Mary!   

“Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, I am calling you to give an example of true faith, to bring light where there is darkness, to live my Son…” (July 2, 2019)   
In my July 3, 2019 reflection, I shared a sense I received from Our Lady that I was supposed to set aside all my worries about my family and focus on Our Lady’s work in these days. That this was a time of urgency and single-minded focus on Our Lady’s mission. I must say I received some amazing responses to this idea of urgency.

I want to share some of them with you, because I think they will build us up in our faith and single-minded focus! Here they are:
From D.S.: 
Cathy, the world needs Our Lady, I believe the time has come. 40 years of Our Lady of Medugorje will be here soon. And so, I must let go of 35 years of teaching, let go of my own children and entrust them all to Our Lady. Just last night I sent out messages to ladies I know from the church, I want to start a Medjugorje prayer group. I feel this is what our Lady wants me to do. Focus, pray, pray and let go! Jesus, I surrender myself to you take care of everything! D.S.
From A.N.

Your work over the past years has been a lifesaver for me, esp. during the past 6 months, during my difficult transition from my former life to life in the Veteran’s Home. I’m certain that Mary and the Holy Spirit are very pleased with your combined efforts.

Cathy, with regard to your “inspiration”, I too feel like “something is coming down the tracks” and I need to get past the transition difficulties and help people in the Vet’s home to hear about Mary’s coming triumph. It always amazes me how the majority of Catholics have never even heard of Medjugorje. It never even gets mentioned on the secular news channels. 
Love to all, A. N.
From P.K:   

Wow, Cathy. Let me offer you some affirmation.  I had gotten up early to say my Rosary and Divine Mercy prayers but had gone back to bed, exhausted, instead of going to Mass. I always feel a lack of peace when I don’t go to Mass when I can. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I got up a few hours later and began watering the garden and I “heard” ~
‘P… you need to focus on living and spreading my messages and MaryTV. If you would have gone to Mass today, you could have spoken to Fr. Joe about wanting a Medjugorje prayer group on Monday nights where you can share the messages and testimonies on Mary TV. I want your collaborative to be a powerful intercessor and place of consolation and faith in the upcoming days. The priests who are there now have been chosen by me. Daughter, please. Focus. Stay focused. Do not let Satan distract or tempt you with idle pleasures. Nothing is more important.’ 
Cathy, I heard this all at once. It took me longer to type it out right now than it did to “know” this. Please say a prayer for me in Medjugorje. I am so easily distracted and seeking my own comfort instead of her requests. Love and prayers,  P. K. 
From L.F.: 
Your July 3rd reflection was beautiful and on key.  I, too, have had the conviction today that we are now in crucial times.  No more time left to fool around.  For my own part, it means more time spent in prayer and spiritual reading and before the Blessed Sacrament. Just wanted to share with you my own thoughts earlier today as a conviction of what you, too, experienced at the beginning of Mirjana’s apparition.   I think she is a very holy woman.   I’d love to talk to her about my own difficulties just to hear what advice she would have. God bless you and Denis for all you do!  To so many of us, you are a God-send! L. F.

Thank you to all of you who responded to this email. I am built up by your responses!! As we can see, there are as many types of responses as there are people. Each one of us has a call, a way to help Our Mother. It is so exciting!! Now is the time to knuckle down and do as Mother Mary is asking…help her to reach her children!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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