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July 3, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

“Dear children, I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. …” (July 2, 2018)

I don’t think we understand how incredible it is that Our Lady is our mother. It sounds nice. But we do not truly understand what a great honor and blessing it is that Mary is our mother. St. Louis de Montfort was so filled with wonder at this gift of God, that he wrote and wrote about it. He can sound a bit fanatical at first, but his insights into the wonders of Our Mother Mary are prophetic for our day. Mary in Medjugorje has come to reveal this very Motherhood to us, now at the time it is most needed.

St. Louis speaks about what we are like when we accept Mary as our mother. Here is one excerpt from “True Devotion to Mary” in which St. Louis describes what a believer is like when he takes Mary as his mother:

(196) It is in a similar manner [to Jacob and Rebecca] that God’s chosen ones usually act. They stay at home with their mother – that is, they have an esteem for quietness, love the interior life, and are assiduous in prayer. They always remain in the company of the Blessed Virgin, their Mother and Model, whose glory is wholly interior and who during her whole life dearly loved seclusion and prayer. It is true, at times they do venture out into the world, but only to fulfill the duties of their state of life, in obedience to the will of God and the will of their Mother.

No matter how great their accomplishments may appear to others, they attach far more importance to what they do within themselves in their interior life, in the company of the Blessed Virgin. For there they work at the great task of perfection, compared to which all other work is mere child’s play. At times their brothers and sisters are working outside with great energy, skill and success, and win the praise and approbation of the world. But they know by the light of the Holy Spirit that there is far more good, more glory and more joy in remaining hidden and recollected with our Lord, in complete and perfect submission to Mary than there is in performing by themselves marvelous works of nature and grace in the world, like so many Esaus and sinners. Glory for God and riches for men are in her house.

Lord Jesus, how lovely is your dwelling-place! The sparrow has found a house to dwell in, and the turtle-dove a nest for her little ones! How happy is the man who dwells in the house of Mary, where you were the first to dwell! Here in this home of the elect, he draws from you alone the help he needs to climb the stairway of virtue he has built in his heart to the highest possible points of perfection while in this vale of tears. (St. Louis de Montfort. “True Devotion to Mary”. N 196.)

St. Louis is not talking hypothetically. This was his experience of Our Lady. He lived this kind of seclusion with Our Lady, and his writings came from this seclusion. Children live with their mothers. They learn everything from them. And they depend on their mothers for everything. Living at home with Mary, we will be taken care of interiorly as her special child. She will look after us and teach us, and especially she will hear our prayers. She will not leave us ever. And all our worries and needs will be seen to.

That is why she tells us not to be afraid. She is at home with us, in our hearts. She is not far away. And she is listening to us, as a mother always listens to her child. If we stay at home, within, with Mary, in prayer, we will grow in every way to be like her. She will teach us all we need to know so that we can be strong brothers and sisters to Jesus. And we will have peace, because she is with us.

Thank you, dearest Mother, for being our mother and hearing our prayers. Thank you for being at home in us, as our mother.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

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