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August 22, 2018
The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear Family of Mary!

July 25, 1988 “Dear children! Today I am calling you to a complete surrender to God. Everything you do and everything you possess give over to God so that He can take control in your life as the King of all that you possess. That way, through me, God can lead you into the depths of the spiritual life. Little children, do not be afraid, because I am with you even if you think there is no way out and that satan is in control. I am bringing peace to you. I am your mother, the Queen of Peace. I am blessing you with the blessings of joy so that for you God may be everything in your life. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Let us pray:

Our Lady, queen of all hearts.

O Mary, Queen of all hearts,
Queen of the family,
Queen of the home,
Your heart is the overflowing
treasury of the graces of God;
Your heart is filled with the riches of
The Mysteries of your Son;
Your heart truly believes that
Nothing is impossible with God;
Your heart is the first to receive and welcome
The Lord of all glory into this world;
Your heart receives as children all of those
Redeemed by your Son.

We open our hearts to you.
We open our home to you.
We invite you to reign as Queen of our Family.

O Mother so compassionate,
O Queen so generous,
Strengthen, protect and sustain our family
In the goodness of true love;
In the difficulties and struggles of life, be our refuge;
In the joy and goodness of life,
Teach us to rejoice and give thanks to God;
Overcome all that threatens to separate us
And preserve us in unity;
See the hidden and unspoken needs within our hearts
And in your goodness answer them.

O Mary, Queen of all hearts, we trust in you.
O Mary, Queen of all hearts, we hope in you.
O Mary, Queen of all hearts, we love you and we honor you.


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

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