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September 10, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

As I began to prayerfully read the September 2nd message again, it seemed that this message has a very strong anointing on it. Just to slowly and prayerfully read it brings peace to me. I usually struggle with the messages, trying to find the deeper meaning, or discover what I need to change in my life. But this message is like poetry, it reads so naturally and says so much with so few words.

So I just can’t dissect it right now. Rather I want to live with it for another day. I want to breathe in Our Lady’s words to us, ingest them, walk with them, embrace them, behold them. I want to let them act in me and change me, with God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s power.

We can talk about them another day!

Dear children, my words are simple but are filled with motherly love and care.

My children, all the more the shadows of darkness and deception are being cast over you, and I am calling you to the light and truth-I am calling you to my Son. Only He can transform despair and suffering into peace and clarity; only He can give hope in the deepest pain.

My Son is the life of the world.

The more that you come to know Him-the more that you come close to Him-all the more you will love Him, because my Son is love. Love changes everything; it makes most beautiful also that which, without love, seems insignificant to you. That is why, anew, I am saying to you that you must love a lot if you desire to grow spiritually.

I know, apostles of my love, that it is not always easy, but, my children, also the painful paths are paths which lead to spiritual growth, to faith, and to my Son. My children, pray-think of my Son. In all the moments of the day, raise your soul to Him, and I will gather your prayers as flowers from the most beautiful garden and give them as a gift to my Son.

Be true apostles of my love; spread the love of my Son to everyone. Be gardens of the most beautiful flowers. With your prayers help your shepherds that they may be spiritual fathers filled with love for all people. Thank you. (September 2, 2018)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

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