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May 10, 2018

The Ascension of the Lord

Dear Family of Mary!

All that my Son, who is the light of love, has done and does, He has done out of love…my children, do not forget that the Eucharist is the heart of faith. This is my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. This is a miracle of love: my Son who always comes anew, alive, to bring life back to souls. (May 2, 2018)

Our Lady speaks to us so beautifully about Jesus. He is the “Light of Love.” He is the Eucharistic Lord who is “the heart of faith”. Her Son “feeds [us] with His Body and strengthens [us] with His Blood.” He “comes anew, alive, to bring life back to souls.” Jesus is our saving Lord!

I received a beautiful email from one of our shipmates in which she shared about her experience at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament just recently. Carole wrote:

Cathy I have to share what happened to me on 4-19 at 7:30pm. I was Adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Michigan and a light came through one of the clear panels of our stained glass window and first it shown on the lower portion of the monstrance. Then it kept moving up and when it hit the Eucharist it exploded into this light and luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket and captured several pictures.

Carole sent me the picture she took at Adoration! (above) Doesn’t it just speak so loudly of Jesus’ presence!! He is the “Light of Love”!!! He is “the heart of faith”!!

Carole then shared what she has done with this gift from Jesus.

I went over to see if I could get it printed and it came out so beautifully that I took it to a printer the next day and asked how much it would cost to make up 8×10 prints and on the back I printed off a page of large print prayers including a Spiritual Communion and Morning Offering and 3 o’clock Divine Mercy Prayer in the other side.

You see I am in an Apostle of Mercy group whereby we take communion to our shut ins and nursing and assisted living homes. There are so many people suffering alone and many feel abandoned by God. I was praying that night – Lord, how do I reach these people and let them know You are real so they would want to receive You joyfully and not feel so forsaken? And the sun shown on the Son and He gave me this beautiful picture to share with them all.

Then our local Walgreens had a special price if you printed 75 4×6 pictures, so I did. And everyone at church wants a copy for themselves and to send to their families. It’s gone viral, being sent all over the state and country.

I urge all our prayer partners out there to visit their elderly or sick shut ins especially those in nursing homes. Come share Jesus with them by praying with them and being that Apostle of Light Mary is asking us to be. Bring them rosaries and ask if you can pray it with them, large print prayer books, pictures of Jesus and Mary. If they email me I would gladly email them a copy of the picture. It is so important we need to re-evangelize our elderly. All they have is liberal TV and they are losing their faith; we can’t let that happen. Our God is such an amazing God when we just believe and trust in Him and Our Mother is asking us to help her. – Carole Jones, Michigan

Well, Carole is doing a great work, and Jesus is helping her. She now has a gift to give those she is visiting. The Light of Love!!

If you want a digital copy, let me know and I will send your email on to her.

May we all become Apostles of Our Lady’s love, and Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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