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March 22, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

“…I loved life – the gift from God – even though pain and sufferings pierced my heart. My children, I had the strength of faith and boundless trust in God’s love. All those who have the strength of faith are stronger. Faith makes you live according to what is good and then the light of God’s love always comes at the desired moment. That is the strength which sustains in pain and suffering…” (March 18, 2018)

I am so interested when Our Lady speaks from her own memory, her experience of life on earth. She traveled through time just as we do, facing so many different situations. Our Lady faced all of her earthly situations with the same attitude, thanksgiving for her life and for all life, because life is precious, a gift from God. Her love for life made it possible for her to bear the sufferings and pain that came her way. She would never go back on her “yes” to life, no matter what happened, because she knew that God was in her life, that God was not distant or uncaring. God was present and involved.

This heart knowledge was the source of her strength of faith and her boundless trust in God. She knew God. He loved her and was with her through everything, even as her heart was pierced. She trusted Him above all others. And so she was strong.

Our Lady gives us her plan for life:Faith makes you live according to what is good and then the light of God’s love always comes at the desired moment.” Our Lady’s strong faith in our loving God kept her focused on doing that which God would desire, on love and selflessness. She chose the good always, no matter how hard. When she did that, God would shine the light of His love into her heart and into the situation she was facing, like a light in the darkness. That light would make sense out of everything, and give Mary the strength to continue.

“…the light of God’s love always comes at the desired moment.” What does she mean? That God reveals His providential care just when it is most necessary. The desired moment is the critical moment, when the need is great. It always comes. But we have to wait and believe until the time is right! Haven’t we all experienced this waiting time, when our prayers seem to fall on deaf ears, but then just in the nick of time, everything works for the good!! This is God’s timetable.

“…That is the strength which sustains in pain and suffering.” The faith which develops in our hearts as we live out our lives in God’s presence, observing His gentle and firm hand at work in our daily lives, bringing order and wisdom and peace, that faith makes us strong enough to bear the sufferings that come our way. Our Lady was able to manage the Way of the Cross, in unbelievable pain and suffering, probably because she had lived this program of trust, of choosing the good, of waiting on God to act, her entire life. She had built incredible spiritual muscles over those years! She wants us to start building our spiritual muscles as well.

As we move towards Holy Week, we have an opportunity to meditate on Our Lady’s faith. She followed Jesus on His journey to Calvary, not excusing herself from the slightest moment of Jesus’ sorrowful Passion. The Father was walking with her that entire way, suffering with her, suffering with Jesus, loving us sinners without limit. Doesn’t this give us a reason to stop and ponder? Do we love life? Do we really love life, the gift of God? Are we ready to endure our pain and suffering in faith and out of love? Can we wait for the light to come at the desired moment?

I am sure we are, for we have Our Lady as our example. And she is with us now!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

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