Day: April 4, 2019

The Cry of our Heart!

  (c)Mary TV/ Anthony Zubac 2019   April 4, 2019St. Isidore Dear Family of Mary! “Dear children, as a mother who knows her children, I know that you are crying out for my Son. I know that you are crying out for truth, for peace, for that which is pure and not deceptive…” (April 2, 2019) In the first line of the April 2, 2019 message, Our Lady captures very well how many of us feel these days. She said it so simply! First, she makes it clear that she looks at each one of us with a mother’s eyes. She truly is our mother, because Jesus gave us to her as she stood under the Cross. Her dying Son asked her to open wide her heart to the human race, and to take us all into her heart as her children. And she said “yes”. As she always had her whole life, she said “yes”. So as our Mother, Our Lady beholds each one of us, and knows exactly what our hearts are crying out for. She beholds each one of us and sees that many of us are so very poor in these ways: Many of us are poor in truth. We have been schooled poorly. We may know all about technology, business, psychology, politics, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, and on and on. We may know all of that, but we have been deprived on the one thing necessary, Truth. Truth is the knowledge of God. God created us. He is the author of all things. He alone can show us who we are and why we exist. That knowledge leads to the truth about everything else. But it is a struggle to find truth in our secular age. As Pilot said, “What is truth?” Many of us are poor in peace. Peace is the fruit of knowing the truth. When we know that we are creatures and we have a good God who loves us, then we can have peace within because we can surrender to that God completely and live in Him, in His peace. But when God is questioned, denied or just ignored, peace is lost. Many of us are poor in purity. Purity is the living out of our destiny according to God’s plan for us, in freedom and self-gift. We are not made for ourselves alone. We are made to be a gift to God and to one another. Purity makes that gift possible. Without God, purity makes little sense. All of us are inundated with deception. Everywhere we turn, we behold lies. Lies about our origin. Lies about our future. Lies about what is good. Lies about what is not good. Virtue run amok, as Chesterton said. Lies about our bodies, our minds and our spirits. This is the enemy’s work. He lies to us about our true identity. He wants to divide us from God and without God there is no light. Everything becomes shadows and darkness. Our Lady sees the battle we are in. She sees her children wandering in a wasteland of darkness and blindness. She has come to bring us light. She has come to answer that cry that comes from deep in our hearts, “Where is God?” She has come to bring us to Him. Thank you, dearest Mother, for being our Mother and not leaving us alone in this dark moment in human history. Thank you for hearing the cry of our hearts!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!Cathy Nolan © Mary TV 2019