June 25, 2022, Marija speaks to Fr. Livio about Our Lady’s messages

Conversation between Fr. Livio and visionary Marija Pavlovic Lunetti
June 25, 2022 –
The 41st Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje

F.L. Dear friends, we have live Marjia from Medjugorje who is about to give us the June 25, 2022, message the day of the 41st Anniversary.  Hello Marija

M. Hello Father Livio and greetings to all Radio Maria listeners, today like every 25th of the month Our Lady gave us a message:

“Dear children, I rejoice with you and thank you for every sacrifice and prayer which you have offered for my intentions.  Little children, do not forget  that you are important in my plan of salvation of mankind. Return to God and prayer that the Holy Spirit may work in you and through you. Little children, I am with you also in these days when Satan is fighting for war and hatred.  Division is strong  and evil is at work in man as never before. Thank you for having responded to my call.” June 25, 2022

 F.L. Marjia before starting with the message I wanted to ask you how you lived this 41st anniversary there in Medjugorje?

M. Thanks to Heaven, the people of God returned to Medjugorje with immense joy. We have seen it in recent days not only with the increase in people who arrived in Medjugorje after Covid but above all with prayers and at the same time with a new spirit. We perceived it in a strong way where the love for Our Lady and for God is beginning to take a new strength in humility and prayer. One thing that has struck me these days is the tears of joy on the faces of so many people met on the hills, at the Blue Cross and in the Church; it seems like a new meeting, a new return here in Medjugorje of many hearts that are part of this great project. We are experiencing it in the family, in prayer groups, in the workplace, with pilgrims who are bringing their friends, and their relatives, who have begun to witness, and to pray in their need for God. These examples are very powerful and very beautiful because, as in the first years, people are experiencing the fruits of conversion firsthand, giving a good example for others.

F.L. Perhaps it is also because of this isolation lived in suffering due to Covid and other difficulties, and it is like coming back home after a long absence.

M. It is true because you really feel that Heaven is at hand and we breathe in the joy of people who have come with a new spirit, the spirit of service to others. At the same time, I believe that the number of people present for the Peace March this year has never been so numerous; more than 15 thousand people from the surrounding area, Croatians many! There were 279 priests on the outdoor Altar and as many confessing after having already celebrated Masses. Medjugorje is lively, sparkling, and thank God it is a wonderful thing to see. Last night Father Ljubo celebrated Mass and asked for a show of hands to count how many people were present for the first time! Well, I won’t say most, however a good percentage present around the open altar area did so. That’s because Our Lady still invites us and we respond.

F.L. That’s awesome. Marjia, Our Lady started the message by saying “I rejoice” so was she joyful today or did she have a preoccupied face?

M. Our Lady was joyful, telling us that She wanted to celebrate with us; She came immediately as soon as we started to pray. She was dressed very neatly with a festive, golden robe! And at Her coming we could feel not only the joy we were giving Her by offering sacrifices but also the fragrance of Heaven.

Every morning as I left the house at 4:30, I offered this sacrifice to Her wholeheartedly, praying with the intention for Peace, for the end of the Covid and especially for the intentions that only She knows are most urgent. (During these days Marija and many others have been climbing Apparition Hill every morning at 4:30 am to pray the rosary and greet Our Lady.) Tonight, when I heard that She thanked us I thought I had contributed my small, small, very tiny part. The second half of the message got me worried when she reminded us that we are all important for the project for the salvation of mankind to come to fruition but at the same time it gave me joy because She is still counting on us, still loves us, and is telling us that we are really important.

F.L. Marjia what do you think we can do to help her?

M. In order to help her, She says, we are important when we witness, and when we pray from our hearts, within our families, and homelands. I think the first thing is prayer, the second thing is witnessing without being afraid, without fear of hurting the sensibility of our own neighbor.

Also, Father Livio I haven’t read the message in Italian yet because right after the recitation of the Magnificat at the Church with Ivan, I had to leave. Tonight, there will be Adoration which will last all night as it did last night. In this way we are really sure to cooperate with Our Lady. Also, for those who have begun to live their faith seriously, praying by living the messages, or as we did today with a very large procession from Apparition Hill. Our Lady accompanied us to the Church and this is the example which She called us to live by our lives and deeds.

Today more than ever we need to be witnesses and with joy. I think back to the applause tonight during the Mass celebrated by our “Provincial” called by our friars after spending 30 years away in the United States. He thanked the good Lord during his homily for our prayers asking that there will be a return to our homes through these concrete deeds and that Evil no longer will prevail and destroy lives. Through demonstrations with prayers in front of hospitals, the Supreme Court of America finally decided for Life by abolishing the court ruling that was favorable to abortion.

F.L. Marija certainly the Supreme Court ruling is of enormous moral importance for the United States and for the whole world, and it has happened at the same time as the 41st Anniversary! I considered it a gift from Our Lady.

M. I hope that both the Americans, the rest of the world and our politicians whom we voted for, will maintain their resolve, and reflect through reasoning that they should not just sit back and wait and see, seeking their own interests, but instead act for the good of mankind.

F.L. Marija, consider this expression of Our Lady: “Children do not forget that you are important in my plan of salvation for mankind”. We know that Satan wants to destroy our lives and the planet we live on, so this plan of salvation concerns not only our souls but the future of humanity.

M. Yes, and also, I am not sure, Father Livio because Our Lady has not mentioned it, but I deeply believe this because as I see it – that today too many souls are lost, convinced of finding peace from yoga and gurus and the various esoteric practices. Whereas we know that we are only helped and protected when we return to God and begin to pray, asking for the Holy Spirit to work through us. As She told us “without God we have neither life nor future!”  The Holy Father also pronounced these very words some time ago. We are destroying the forests, polluting the seas, we no longer have water because there is no more environmental balance, because men, especially the richest, are exploiting the poorest and all this does not come from God. I personally live my Christianity with conscience and gratitude toward my parents who are no longer here, for the fact that they had me baptized, enormous grace this, and they led me on this path of salvation.

F.L. So Marjia now we are about to face the most difficult passage (because Our Lady has already said the first few things on other occasions). We know that She has already said that among us Satan fights for war and hatred. How many times did She say this during the Bosnian war? But never has she said that ” Division is strong and evil at work in man as never before.” This is the first time She has stated these words.

Also, I wanted to ask you the immediate meaning. What does “division is strong” mean? Between those in whom the Holy Spirit works and those in whom evil works?

M. I think so, especially if you look at the divisions they are trying to make between the ones vaccinated and not vaccinated, between those who have had Covid and not; how many families are destroyed, separated just for this? Tell me if this is not the devil.

F.L. Yes, Yes.

M. Let’s look at Ukraine. A thousand Ukrainian pilgrims have arrived whom tomorrow will all be together with Our Lady to pray for peace. Join us if you can. Crucifix against Crucifix, imagine: Catholic Christians on one side and Orthodox Christians on the other one, crucifix against crucifix; Christians against Christians in the war; brothers against brothers. It is a disgrace every time I think about it. I have no words. For what? D… weapons that are produced every day, every government puts out a lot of money, for what? For the sick, for the hungry, for prosperity? No, for weapons, so they are able to destroy every human being.

F.L. But in fact, if you remember in the May 25, 2022message Our Lady had said: may your prayer be even stronger so that every unclean spirit of division and war may be stilled. There is this spirit of division that pits us against each other continuously.

M. Yes! I believe not only through wars mankind becomes less valuable, whereas Our Lady tells us: “Do not forget that you are all important in my plan for the salvation of mankind,” so at this point I say to all: be brave, be brave.

F.L. Marjia, I know you are very tired because today you got up at 4:30 until now …

M. Father Livio, even earlier because we only slept two hours! My dear, we were on the hill, returned then for adoration by 4a.m. in the Church, which was packed of pilgrims praying, doing adoration all night long, thanking God. Tonight, we will continue praying. We believe in the power of prayer in spite of those who do not pray.

F.L. But even in the early days we used to pray so much, do you remember?

M. Thank Goodness.

F.L. Marjia, I wanted to tell you that Our Lady had never said this sentence before: “Evil is at work today in man as never before” and it scares me. What does it mean?

M. That the devil is allowed free movement, Father Livio, in a thousand ways just as Our Lady said in the holy jubilee year that “the devil is released from his chains”. Even now I wonder that really if she weren’t with us I don’t know how it would end.

Evil has entered into people, using them through money, through philosophies and all these ideologies that are against God. Lately we are witnessing a great number of confused young people who do not know if they are men or women, if they are male or female, in total confusion. We don’t even know our identity anymore. We are next to become like beasts.

Where is our intellect. I say if we pay some attention to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady tonight, they are telling us. Our Lady and the Lord are also speaking to us through the Pope who recently used strong words such as: “we are on the edge of the precipice.

I deeply believe that today there is a strong need to respond with a firm “yes, yes and no, no” that is, yes to prayer, yes to life, yes to conversion, yes to holiness because if today we who are Christians do not live it, the priests who are consecrated if they do not pray, if they do not live their priestly vocation, then the rest of mankind will fall into confusion.

As a result, we begin, as men and women to be less and less spiritual, having many earthly, superficial false needs, disliking the way we are, becoming psychically ill, discontented, arrogant, without a future. Our Lady says: return to prayer prayed with the heart “, at that point we will go back to peace and love will win. Why has Our Lady been with us in Medjugorje for a such a long time? Because She loves us, because She wants to help us and do it with great love …

F.L Marjia, sorry if I interrupt you. For some time, I wanted to ask you a question that I have always forgotten. You have received an assignment from Our Lady, which is specially to pray for us priests. Now in my experience, through traveling and visiting Marian Shrines, at least those in Europe, (I have visited almost all of them), is that no shrine has such a large number of priests as Medjugorje does I had calculated (we, priests, love making that calculation). In short, before Covid there were 35,000 annual concelebrations which means that in all these years since Medjugorje began, hundreds of thousands of priests have come there. Do you think there is a plan of Our Lady in all this?

M. Our Lady started to make a comeback also in the church, thanks to God. I profoundly believe that many priests whom I met, who were lost in a thousand distractions, arrived in Medjugorje, and have returned to love their initial vocation.  Tonight, for example, when I was in the sacristy, by the side of those young novices, those boys, friars dressed with care, perfect short hair, handsome, I stopped and watched them as they got busy carrying lighted candles, the censer, trays prepared with care to later contain the consecrated hosts. And they were doing their work with such a joy! My spirit rejoiced and I said to myself: “Thank God we have new vocations so the Lord has hope” in the continuation of the priesthood because we are convinced that they are all old by now, while instead tonight I learned we have five young people who said “yes” to the consecrated life in the Parish.

Another example is the choir, and tonight was just spectacular, awesome with their songs and as they say by singing they prayed “twice”, putting so much love and joy toward Our Lady and Jesus, with new songs so beautifully sung in which they gave the impression that the roof of the altar rose.

F.L. However we can say thank you to Our Lady in any case due to the fact that She has chosen the parish and through it has revitalized the parishes of the whole world. Medjugorje has truly given great strength, a great renewal to the Church which needed it so much here in Western Europe.

M. Thank Heaven for the vocations, (though I am not aware of the exact number now). But speaking with an American priest, a handsome young man, in love with God and Our Lady, who came here and who told me that his vocation was born precisely in Medjugorje, but who did not register on the “rectory” website. Because he didn’t register (and who knows how many don’t) we realize that we are unable to know the right number of them. It is wonderful to see that enthusiasm in young people, that desire to be among people, they love to be with them without having to run away as happens to some tired elderly, they love to confess the faithful! We have seen it for the umpteenth time in these days.

F.L. Well Marjia I won’t go any further because I know that you are very tired tonight, however you have done very well! Also remember all of us who work here at Radio Maria and the great Radio Maria family who have already are coming to Medjugorje.

M. Thank God Father Livio, Our Lady called and sewed a seed of holiness in their hearts and we see this in reaping the numerous fruits that I would never have expected! Thanks also to Monsignor Aldo Cavalli, who was sent by the bishop, and who is seen every evening on the altar, testifying also through his catechesis. We thank the good Lord for his presence. Our new “Provincial” recently appointed head of the Franciscan University of Rome is also becoming “Italian” as I jokingly told him and he replied that I am not alone with that, promising me that we will do great things together with the help of God. I would like to add that we visionaries have met in these days, we have spoken to each other, thinking that we could never have imagined receiving such a great gift from the Lord; gift of His presence among us and even today we are moved by the fact that the Lord has chosen us, guiding us through His Mother. It will take all of Eternity to thank Him for all the souls who came to Medjugorje and converted through us visionaries, who embraced the messages of Our Lady and came closer to God. It is also an opportunity to say thank you for Your presence, thank you because You have chosen us and that in all these years we have been able to answer our “yes” with all our hearts.

F.L. Thanks Marjia, you have done a very good job tonight and we have felt the joy through you. Thanks for this beautiful day and for all this we thank Our Lady hoping to make 41X2 = 82 anniversaries no matter what happens.

M. We are ready Father Livio, it will be God’s Will because we do not know from one day to the next. In truth, we live each day as if it were the last one of our lives, serving God with joy, loving God, praying to God and being brave! Let’s go on with the hope that our life is a passage towards Eternity.

F.L. Thank you Marjia! Now we end with the prayer: In Jesus and Mary, the Queen of PeacePray for us and for the whole world. Thank you Marjia

M. A kiss to every ill person, to all radio listeners, especially those who are here only with their heart. Let’s be courageous and let’s go on in particular to the Prayer groups: start anew because our Lady needs us.

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