(c)Anthony Zubac/Mary TV 2019

January 4, 2019

Dear Mary TV Family,
Our Lady’s shipmates sailing
on the digital sea!


You’re giving Our Lady a gift – and it’s no small thing! She told us, “My son promised me that evil will never win because you, the souls of the just, are here!” (11/2/14). Just looking at statistics from the past 30 days, thousands upon thousands of her children through Mary TV’s broadcasting have been there with her from these countries:

United States United Kingdom Ireland
Canada Italy Poland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary Australia
Brazil Croatia Spain
Slovakia Romania Germany
France South Africa Austria
Portugal Lebanon New Zealand
Singapore Belgium Ukraine
India Argentina Switzerland
Mexico Republic of Korea Czech
Malta Trinidad & Tobago Latvia
United Arab Emirates Philippines Netherlands
Serbia Slovenia Sweden
Peru Malaysia Puerto Rico
Luxemburg Kenya Mauritius
Hong Kong El Salvador Cyprus
Chile Bahrain Uganda
Turkey Tanzania Saint Lucia
Oman Montenegro Macedonia
Guernsey Ghana Estonia
Dominican Republic Bolivia Armenia
Syria Suriname Saudi Arabia
Iran Georgia Fiji
Egypt Costa Rica Colombia
Norway Japan N/A
Indonesia Sri Lanka Rep. of Lithuania
Macao Vietnam Thailand
Guatemala Cayman Islands Greece Denmark
Iraq Honduras Nigeria
Zimbabwe Uruguay Qatar
Albania Reunion Finland
Ecuador Zambia Panama
Madagascar Israel Iceland
Ethiopia Aruba Paraguay
Kuwait Guam Grenada
Dominica China U.S. Virgin Islands
Taiwan Russia Republic of Moldova
Nicaragua Kingdom of Lesotho El Salvador
Dem. Rep. of Timor Bangladesh Afghanistan

Thousands of people in these countries have been joining the prayer taking place in Medjugorje through Mary TV’s Live broadcasting….and this list is just the countries over the last 30 days!

All of you who donate to Mary TV and pray for Mary TV are making this possible! Together we are showing mercy towards Our Lady! (“Give us the grace to be merciful towards you,” was a sentence in the “Prayer to the Mother of Goodness, Love and Mercy” that Our Lady dictated to Jelena Vasilj for us to pray!)

More good news: it looks like we will finish Mary TV’s television facility in Medjugorje ahead of schedule…putting in an elevator, a second set of stairs, a large professional studio, bathrooms, engineering rooms, electrical grid, upgraded equipment, equipment racks, etc., etc….

Please keep your prayers and donations coming, we need them now more than ever! It’s only together that we’re giving this gift to Our Lady! Her need is now! 2019 is critical in her plans.

Thank you! You are – you always have been – the most important part of Mary TV’s team!

God bless you!

Denis Nolan

If you feel called to help us financially here is a link to our donation page: