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November 27, 2018

Dear Apostles of Our Lady, Mary TV Shipmates:

With attention on the US Bishops’ meeting streamed live that day, you might have missed a November 14th headline: “Scotland pushes LGBT agenda into Catholic schools. Bishops hope ‘impact…will be positive for all!'”

During the USCCB meeting we witnessed one bishop express dismay that other bishops were allowing a certain priest to spread his anti Catholic LGBT agenda in their dioceses! The elephant in the room: that priest has support from the highest levels of the Vatican!

I didn’t think the warnings of my September 8, 2018 Update would come upon us so fast! Read it again – the third Update from the top at:

And so we’re moving ahead to finish construction of our television facility in Medjugorje. Tom Matasso, who built the first all digital TV station in the US and numerous Catholic TV stations throughout the world, left early this morning for Medjugorje. We’re going ahead to finish construction of our facility in faith – even though we don’t yet have all the necessary funds. But this is no time to hold back. Our Lady needs it completed now! And so I’m asking for your help!

Our Medjugorje Internet TV channel continues broadcasting 24/7. We’ve moved to a new server that can handle thousands of hours of archived HD video. We have a search function for the Fruit Shows (soon to also include subject matter) and intend on extending that function to all archived programming. There is a new iPhone app, and Android phone app (in a day or two you can delete your old one and download the new one); Mary TV airs on Apple TV and we’ll soon be airing on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick drive, etc., etc. We are constantly upgrading technology. Our Lady deserves no less!

The Papal Envoy/Visitor presided at Mass in St. James on October 22nd, the Feast Day of St. John Paul ll. That day Mary TV began live streaming from St. James Church…..

I was able to share with the Papal Envoy this email we received right after that October 22nd Mass:

Dear Cathy, Denis and All at MaryTV: Deepest thanks and regards to all of you for enabling me to participate in today’s English Mass. I was moved to tears by the experience. My body may have been here in Scotland but my heart and soul were firmly in Medugorje. It was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of Mass I have ever had! May God bless you and your work. We need and appreciate you! Thank you!”

Mary TV (Our Lady) needs and appreciates you!

Thank you and God bless you!

Denis Nolan

PS. On a little personal note: when I introduced the Papal Envoy/Visitor to Cathy last month in Medjugorje, he said, “Ah Cathy! You are welcome here! Stay here!” And then he gave us his blessing!


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